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At the medically oriented Ambiance Family Dentistry & Orthodontics, formerly Ambiance Dental Spa, Doctor Wilma Luquis-Aponte buffs smiles and ensures overall oral health. Before exploring mouth caves, Luquis-Aponte explains the steps she will take toward imbuing teeth with more robust health and offers an opportunity to ask questions and advice on proper nicknames for molars. During 45–60 minutes of toothy hygiene, dental doyens will check chompers for plaque and signs of gum disease (a $74 value), thoroughly clean pearly whites with the assistance of watermelon fluoride (a $127 value for adults, a $107 value for children 12 and under), and scan above and below the gum line with a set of x-rays, searching for signs of decay or hidden vampire fangs (a $204 value). While waiting for their appointment, mouth holders can sip on a coffee or tea, watch TV, or read a magazine.

3260 N Mesa St
El Paso,