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How do you create the largest food-distribution network in the country? Houston Food Bank has done that and more. First, it gathers enough fresh produce and shelf-stable items to create 64 million meals per year. Then, its team reaches out to local non-profit organizations and churches and ensures that food is delivered to more than 900,000 people across 18 counties. And the team cares about more than just filling stomachs?last year, fresh fruits and vegetables made up 35% of the food distributed. This way, Houston Food Bank can make sure people are getting the nutrients they need to maintain good health.

In addition to food distribution, Houston Food Bank sponsors a variety of programs to help individuals achieve self sufficiency. Serving for Success trains former offenders for living-wage jobs while they volunteer with the food bank, while the Social Services Outreach Program makes it easier to apply for SNAP benefits and raises awareness for available social services.

535 Portwall St