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  • Dynamite Cleaning Services & Repairs
    Kimberly Diles, owner of Dynamite Cleaning Services & Repairs, brings an entrepreneurial attitude to every job, neatening domiciles with services such as vacuuming carpets, cleaning bathrooms, and scrubbing stovetops. Sensitive to strong scents, Diles understands that homeowners can be particular about what products they prefer, so she arms herself with gentle, eco- and pet-friendly cleaning supplies. Her experience working with realty companies informs the handyman-side of her business, where she performs work for customers that varies from patching drywall dings to hanging paintings over wall-mounted piggy banks. To her, accommodating customers? needs is key, even when it means working within their unpredictable schedules. As she says, "I can change a lock with my 5-inch stilettos on in about five minutes."
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    4677 N Boulder Ave
    Tulsa, OK US
  • Kitchen Concepts
    The designers at Kitchen Concepts consider every angle of a client’s kitchen to create intricate, detailed design plans. Based on these, a production team crafts custom cabinetry in a range of styles, from ornately hand-carved to sleek and functional. A range of accessory options help keep kitchenware organized without labeling forks with Dewey decimal numbers.
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    2133 East 69th Street
    Tulsa, OK US
  • White's Ace Building Center
    Engaging customers with handy home-improvement solutions for 47 years, White’s Ace Building Center stocks supplies for any building project or home spruce-up, including lumber, plumbing supplies, grills, and garden accessories. Cool off from the sun’s fiery whims with a Living Accent 16-inch stand fan ($29.99), or harness its toasty power with mini stake solar-powered pathway lights ($2.99 each), which emit soft hues without relying on two-faced wind energy. Gardens become fauna country clubs overnight with the Perky Pet 4 station hummingbird feeder ($7.99), and an easy-to-lift poly garden cart ($24.99) with the capacity to haul hundreds of pounds. To boost interiors, a 6-gallon pro series dry/wet Shop-Vac ($39.99) can effortlessly slurp up stains from carpets, tiles, and permanent records. White’s Ace Building Center also supplies roofing, paint, and hardware, with trained staff on hand to attend to questions or material-wrangling.
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    603 E Independence St
    Shawnee, OK US
  • Oklahoma Steamclean & Restoration, Inc
    To prove a point about the efficacy of its technology, the staff members of Oklahoma Steamclean & Restoration, Inc. decided to try a bold experiment: They flooded part of their corporate office. They wanted to demonstrate their confidence in the power of their thermal energy system (TES), which can save flooded homes from water damage and the expensive renovations that ensue. With the drywall registering at more than 100% water saturation (and water seeping into the office next door), they brought in TES. The next day, everything looked just as it had before they hooked up the hose. This is the kind of dedication these specialists have to their work. Since 1982, they've steam cleaned carpets, waxed floors, and cleaned out air ducts. Over the years, they've invested their expertise in countless homes and businesses, as well as the hallways of the Oklahoma State Capitol building.
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    3621 South Hattie Avenue
    Oklahoma City, OK US
  • Arts Council of Oklahoma City
    The Storytelling Festival heightens the act of listening with evening performances and afternoon workshops that teach patrons to build communication skills and thrill audiences with well-spun words. On Friday, festival-goers can learn how to wax poetic on family memories, what makes certain stories funny, and techniques to artfully express personal yarns. A quartet of storytellers entertains crowds early in the evening before Donald Davis and Beth Horner chill spines with their late-night ghost stories and frozen cummerbunds. Saturday’s festivities find the power of words with workshops on true-life and historical figures, and a family matinee whisks children to their own inner wonderland before the workshop-leaders’ evening performance toys with the soul using dramatic cliffhangers. Festival attendees unable to find sustenance by reading old take-out menus can purchase lunch on-site with meals provided by The Lunchbox and The La Luna taco truck.
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    400 W California Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK US
  • Two Buddies Handyman
    When Cody and Libby Ross think of love, family, and friendship, they picture a hammer and nails?and that's why the husband-and-wife team named their home improvement business Two Buddies. It may sound like a strange link, but the idea for the business can be traced back to when Libby's grandfather had a hip replacement. To make his home safe and accessible, Libby and Cody rolled up their sleeves and got to work; they built and installed a ramp and repaired the home's walkway and doors. In other words, they used their muscles, ingenuity, and elbow grease to improve the life of a loved one. Later, after the economy stumbled, the duo had an epiphany: why not combine Libby's background in business and Cody's background in construction to start their own company? Today, Two Buddies helps its customers the same way Libby and Cody helped their family. Their repertoire includes inside repairs, such as kitchen projects and plumbing and electrical systems, as well as outside repairs such as building decks, patios, and magma moats.
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    8500 Benny Bruce Street
    Norman, OK US