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Silverhawk Aviation’s owner, Catherine Rad Weber, built a school not only to teach people how to fly, but to learn to love their wings as well. Her comprehensive curriculum challenges students to fly at high altitudes, in different weather conditions, and over diverse terrain, training helicopter pilots who will be comfortable in the cockpit anywhere in the world. The program includes hands-on experience in caring for the rides, moving them in and out of hangars, and safely washing them without getting soap in their eyes.

Whether training or touring, visitors receive eyefuls of southern Idaho’s diverse geological features. The helicopters surmount rugged mountains, speed over mesas and high deserts, and ride air currents above rivers that wend their way into deep canyons. Apart from stunning the brain’s beauty receptors, this splendor provides a natural obstacle course against which more experienced pilots test their skill, zipping around rock spires or hopping the feet of their craft neatly through pristine fields of tire plants.

644 Airport Loop
Twin Falls,

Agriculture plays an important role in southeastern Idaho's economy, ever since early settlers used irrigation methods to transform the Magic Valley from an arid desert to a fertile plain. Roughly 50 miles north of the Idaho-Nevada border lies the town of Twin Falls, home to the Snake River–spanning Perrine Bridge, a popular site for year-round BASE jumping. Five miles outside of Twin Falls, the multitiered cascades of Shoshone Falls plummet 212 feet onto craggy rocks. The waterfalls empty into the Snake River, which winds alongside sites once used as mining camps during the mid-19th-century gold rush. Less than 30 miles west of Twin Falls, in the small town of Buhl, Idaho, guests can lounge in Miracle Hot Springs' 15 private soaking pools and two public pools, each brimming with natural, warm spring water. Bathers can catch a glimpse of the property's three large alligators practicing the backstroke in a separate pool of their own.

1385 US Highway 93