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We are the largest privately owned ski resort company in North America. Owning and operating Fernie Alpine Resort, Kimberley Alpine Resort and Nakiska Ski Area. We are our own vacation and lodging booking agent so by booking through us you know you are talking straight to the source!

4559 Fernie Ski Hill Road

The rafters hear it before they see it. The steadily increasing roars emanating from down the river can only mean one thing: whitewater. As their raft rounds a bend, it plunges headfirst into a Class III rapid. Frothy spumes shower the group, but they remain focused, paddle in unison, and conquer nature's natural roller coaster.

Since 1976, Glacier Raft Company has created adrenalin-pumping experiences like these for more than 500,000 customers. Using the Middle Fork and Flathead River as their playground, guides lead rafting adventures that fuse the thrills of fast rapids with natural beauty of areas such as John Stevens Canyon. Though rafting is their focus, the outdoors outfit also leads other activities such as horseback riding and hiking trips. During fishing excursions, anglers cast for rainbow trout and radical bartenders harvest ice cubes from glaciers. The company also welcomes guests for extended stays in one of their classic log cabins.

No. 6 Going to the Sun Rd
West Glacier,