Korean Restaurants in Summerlin

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Maru's menu delivers a cadre of meats, hot pots, and handmade sushi to patrons' palates. Sizzling, smokeless barbecue grills embedded in each table happily accept marriage proposals and meats such as the thin beef brisket of the chadol gui ($25.99) or the black pork belly ($23.99). The succulent braised beef ribs of the galbi jjim ($25.99) arrive piled in a simmering hot pot, which Maru's meat mavens fill with a plethora of rice, veggies, and meats to create the dolsot bibimbap ($13.99). Twenty-nine varieties of sushi and 39 rolls march to the tune of mouthwatering satiety, including the simple eel-cutlet unagi roll ($7.95) and the Volcano, a gang of salmon, tuna, white fish, and crab that often congregates to discuss the accuracy of fish portrayal in the media ($14.99).

2025 Village Center Cir
Las Vegas,