Pest Control in Lees Summit

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Pro Pest's licensed and certified vermin assassins craft customized strategies for their exterminating services, with all of their methods and products safe for both children and pets. Solutions that meet the needs of individual homes are conjured up by the pest-pulverizing masterminds, who take into account each dwelling's age, size and Zodiac sign. Lasting 30–60 minutes, indoor/outdoor treatments nab current offenders at the source and stop future rebel bug and critter incursions before they begin. Ants, spiders, mice, silverfish, crickets and other general insects and pests are covered with this Groupon, but cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, fleas, and emotionally unavailable garden gnomes are not.

710 N Scott Ave

For the past 32 years, the technicians of American Pest Management have been helping eradicate infestations in the homes, offices, and flea circuses of the greater Kansas City area. Certified by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, the specialized teams are led by board-certified entomologist Ravi Sachdeva, a man with a wealth of experience in dealing with rodents, insects, and snakes. Ravi leads his teams to tackle all manner of jobs, guaranteeing all work and swiftly responding to any calls that come through the company’s 24-hour emergency hotline.

307 W Cedar St

For more than four decades, Weed Man's licensed and trained lawn-beautifying experts have tended to local lawns with custom blends of fertilizer, environmentally sound pest-control solutions, and knowledge gleaned from both living and working in the community. Created exclusively for Weed Man, the slow-release granular fertilizer nurtures lawns over a period of several weeks, and seeding and aeration promote continued green growth. Advice that aims to assist with local lawn problems helps to inform patrons online, illuminating seasonal troubles, gardening trends, and the astrological signs of various plants.

6620 Royal Street