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  • Snap Fitness
    Snap Fitness's around-the-clock gyms enable members to work on their physical well-being with a cornucopia of fitness equipment. With 24-hour access, members don't have to let The Man tell them when to help themselves to Snap's strength and cardio equipment, which features built-in TVs and other media diversions. For those who exercise during conventional hours, Snap's friendly, unintimidating atmosphere welcomes patrons of all ability levels, unlike schoolyard dodge-ball squads. Members also enjoy nationwide access to all Snap Fitness locations, ideal for working out while traveling. For a dose of custom advice, patrons can seek out a personal-training session with a certified coach, who helps them assess and address their fitness goals. Clients reap the benefit of individual attention as a personal trainer helps them tackle weight loss, prepare for an arm-wrestling competition, or unveil the mysteries of arcane cable-weight machines.
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    631 NE Woods Chapel Rd
    Lees Summit, MO US
  • Core Balance Yoga Center
    Leah Morgan, Core Balance Yoga Center?s founder and director, helms a troop of certified instructors who each pull on their unique interests and experiences to lead a variety of yoga classes. Clara Vaughn channels her personal desire for introversion and mimicking pink lawn flamingos to lead the gentle yoga and meditation classes and Anita Bailey draws on her experience as a mother of four to lead classes infused with a playful energy. With the intention of creating a community of yogis, they lead a wide spectrum of classes.
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    929 NE Woods Chapel Rd
    Lees Summit, MO US
  • Jazzercise National
    Jazzercise is 60 minutes of cardio, strength training, and stretching that incorporates moves from hip-hop, yoga, Pilates, jazz dance, kickboxing, and resistance training with handheld weights. Dancing with the Stars multiple-champion Cheryl Burke is a big fan of Jazzercise's improvisational workouts, though luckily you won't need her dance moves to get the most out of your class. If you're prone to first-class jitters, though, you can review the basic moves online before you go. Expect to burn off up to 500 calories with each go-round.
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    450 SW Ward Rd.
    Lee's Summit, MO US
  • Xtreme Gymnastics and Trampoline
    Xtreme Family Fitness lets visitors boost their athletic prowess in its fitness center. It boasts group classes such as indoor cycling, Yoga Flow, and Bodypump classes, as well as well-equipped free-weight and cardio-machine areas. The center features scores of amenities including circuit training sessions designed to help members get the most of their workouts. Those who prefer free weights can work various muscles groups with a mix of Hammer Strength, Flex, and Icarian equipment. To complete aesthetic transformations, guests can stop by the on-site tanning salon before or after a workout. Adults with kids will can also take advantage of the care center, which hosts activities such as coloring, painting, and gross motor development while parents workout. Those who are old enough to participate in fitness fun can check out the gymnastics center, which is stocked with in-ground and above-ground trampolines, balance beams, and rings?everything young gymnasts need to hone their skills. And on the premises, they do just that, through classes in gymnastics, tumbling, and trampolining, and, for more seasoned gymnasts, competitive team practices.?
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    725 NW Commerce Dr
    Lee'S Summit, MO US
  • Michael Russell Photography
    When he was a child, Michael Russell spent a lot of time in his father’s darkroom, watching and helping him develop photographs. As Russell grew into an adult, he still loved photography but opted to pursue a career in front of the camera as a television news reporter. Even as he interviewed celebrities, presidents, and wax statues of presidents, he found himself most engaged with shooting his own video, and with framing shots of natural landscapes and wildlife. He eventually would leave his broadcasting career to teach photography full time, and venture on expeditions to scenic vistas and art fairs. During Russell’s workshops, his picture-snapping protégés can pick his brain as they practice various photography concepts and sample professional lenses.
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    302 Kensington Square
    Greenwood, MO US
  • Fitness Together
    Built upon more than 15 years of personal-training experience, Fitness Together helps clients spill pounds and hoard muscle with personalized exercise programs and nutritional guidance. Brawn-building activities and cardio routines join forces at every turn, making calories melt faster than a snowman's heart at a fondue party in his honor. Heart rates surge during interval workouts, which challenge the body with spurts of high-intensity movement. To avert strength-training plateaus, trainers rotate the time-tested resistance exercises they use and teach new, proven methods for toning muscles and giving noogies to prairie dogs.
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    911 NE Woods Chapel Rd
    Lees Summit, MO US

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