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Diners gasp as fiery flames spring up from the tableside hibachi grills, but chefs remain calm and collected. Nimbly, they sizzle up tender cuts of steak, chicken, and lobster tail, their faces illuminated in the dancing flames. As hibachi chefs labor over grills before their captivated audiences, sushi chefs slice up fresh eel, spicy tuna, and salmon, and then fold the fish into a variety of traditional and specialty rolls. Servers bustle about the dark hardwood floors of the airy space, balancing trays of wine.

5954 Carolina Beach Rd

Hand-pressed dough, homemade sauce, and a mozzarella-provolone blend make up the tasty foundation of pies from Lucky's Pizza. From there, the possibilities are virtually endless: guests can create their own inventive pizza with toppings like meatballs, banana peppers, bacon, and feta, or pick a pre-imagined specialty pizza such as a buffalo chicken or double cheeseburger. No matter what kind of pie you order, each one gets baked to perfection in Lucky's deck oven?an oven that distributes heat evenly.

Along with pizzas, guests can also fill up on calzones, wings, and bacon-ranch bread. For the ultimate pizza fan or brave soul, Lucky's holds a Supreme Challenge. Folks get a chance to finish the 16-inch Shamrock Supreme pizza, and it's mountains of pepperoni, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, veggies and more meat in just 20 minutes. The rare guest who finishes this quest will not only get their pizza refunded and a commemorative t-shirt, but also get a spot of glory on the Wall of Fame. Of course, folks can split the Shamrock Supreme with the family, albeit with a little less fanfare.

755 Main St
North Myrtle Beach,

Brown Bag Café's griddle masters whip up an extensive menu of casual, American-style fare for breakfast, lunch, and Tuesday dinner. Greet the morning sun by looking it straight in the eye and enjoying a double stack of fluffy pancakes ($4.49) or a grilled croissant sandwich loaded with egg, bacon, and cheddar ($3.49). Midday stacked specialties tower over blue and orange booths with fried green tomato BLTs topped with applewood-smoked bacon ($7.99). Cajun-style mahi-mahi tacos ($7.99) wear crowns of pepper jack cheese and mango salsa, and the cheesy cheeseburger ($6.99) fills stomachs with cheddar, swiss, provolone, and house-made pimento melted over a half-pound patty and served with fresh-cut pub chips and a softly spoken ode to Wisconsin.

501 Patetown Rd