Vegetarian Restaurants in Leland

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Diners gasp as fiery flames spring up from the tableside hibachi grills, but chefs remain calm and collected. Nimbly, they sizzle up tender cuts of steak, chicken, and lobster tail, their faces illuminated in the dancing flames. As hibachi chefs labor over grills before their captivated audiences, sushi chefs slice up fresh eel, spicy tuna, and salmon, and then fold the fish into a variety of traditional and specialty rolls. Servers bustle about the dark hardwood floors of the airy space, balancing trays of wine.

5954 Carolina Beach Rd

Frozen yogurt takes on a starring role at Anything Froz. At the fro-yo shop, diners can dig into eight flavors of fro-yo, which they can top with more than 45 candies and fruits.

1300 Highway 544