Pet Stores in Little Elm

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  • Stony Glen Stables
    Jump to: What You Did Not Know: Famous Horses Fulfill horse-related childhood dreams, such as conquering Bronze Age agrarian civilizations with today’s Groupon. For $59, you’ll get two semi-private English horseback riding lessons at Stony Glen Stables in Aubrey (a $120 value), including all equipment. Located just north of Frisco, the expansive stables can be found three miles off the tollway here. Your equine education at Stony Glen involves more than just dismounts and fancy trots—you'll also learn about safety, grooming, and tack care. Level I Riders start with a briefing in the three S's: stop, start, and steer at the trot - plus the fourth S: Stanislavksi, the acting method that instructs you to be "in the moment" with the horse while understanding the underlying motivations of your character. If you're shaky or shy in the saddle, semi-private lessons with just one other student and one instructor will keep the lesson intimate, hands-on, and free of paparazzi. Animal-based transportation gives many people a sense of companionship and connection with nature. Mounted on the back of a mare, you’ll not only learn to telepathically interpret a horses's brain thoughts, but you'll also meet an animal friend who nuzzles his way into your heart. Being skilled in the saddle could bring you ribbons, stronger thigh muscles, and potential for a new filly-focused career (jockey, rodeo star, actor). If you want the other person in your class to be someone you know, buy an extra Groupon for a friend.
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    15117 Fishtrap Rd
    Aubrey, TX US
  • Kookaburra Bird Shop
    It sounds like a rainforest inside Kookaburra Bird Shop. The cries and chortles of crested cockatoos and blue and gold macaws ricochet off the brick walls. One notable macaw sits on her perch, white cheeks glowing and feathers cascading seamlessly from fire-engine red, to sun yellow, to a deep blue. This is Miranda, the resident bird, who greets visitors as they peruse the shop's wares and peek into the cages of birds for adoption. After squawking hello to Miranda, customers can chat with an avian behaviorist who uses his 30 years of experience to help owners understand their bird's behavior issues such as moodiness, irritability, or incessant repetition. In addition to attending to the feathered guests, Kookaburra Bird Shop also accommodates cats and dogs with boarding services. Cats are treated to padded resting areas and a room to explore, while dogs frolic on two walks a day or head out on a run accompanied by a distance runner.
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    1845 E Frankford Rd
    Carrollton, TX US
  • Man's Best Friend Grand Prairie
    Founded in 1980, Man's Best Friend welcomes pets and their caretakers for training, grooming, and boarding services. A variety of training programs are designed to fit different pet personalities and specific goals such as obedience training and home protection. Boarding offerings include overnight stays and daycare, with separate facilities for dogs and cats complete with climate control and ample space.
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    2641 Westgrove Drive
    Carrollton, TX US
  • Three Dog Bakery
    We make the best all natural, oven-baked dog treats, pastries, and food. We select premium all natural ingredients and then oven bake them to perfection!
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    1251 E Southlake Blvd
    Southlake, TX US
  • Pampered Hounds Pet Sitting Service
    We are a pet sitting service designed to pamper your beloved critters while giving you peace of mind that all their needs are being met.
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    1209 Edgemont Drive
    Sachse, TX US
  • Wuf Pet Resort and Spa
    Behind a swinging metal gate wrought with the letters W, U, and F, joyful yips and pattering paws echo down WÜF Pet Resort & Spa's main hallway. Lauded as the best pet boarder in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by D Magazine, WÜF invites dogs into private suites, which emulate human hotels with pillow-top mattresses, wall art, turndown service, and fire hydrants in every room. Overnight guests join WÜF's daily visitors at daycare, where dogs run after tennis balls, climb on playground equipment, and play follow the leader with staff members. Pooches romp in groups sorted through the Playmatch System, which pairs pups based on size, personality, and temperament. A valet shuttle ferries dogs from daycare and home, as well as to vet appointments, for an additional fee. In the grooming salon and spa, dogs luxuriate in aromatherapeutic bath water before stylists dry them off with fluffy towels and treat them to services that range from de-matting fur to polishing toenails. WÜF also helps bridge canine-human communication with clicker training and Esperanto classes, and helps bipeds and quadrupeds alike celebrate special events—such as birthdays, puppy showers, and major holidays—with catered treats and professional pet photography.
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    3417 East John Carpenter Freeway
    Irving, TX US