Amusement Parks in Marshall

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  • Gators and Friends Alligator Park and Exotic Zoo
    Gators and Friends Alligator Park and Exotic Zoo invites all ages to watch gators wrestle each other in the water and chomp down their meals. The zoo was established in 2006 to raise awareness about the habits and survival techniques of wild animals, giving visitors a better understanding of all creatures, from alligators to pet hamsters to the turtles who fight crime from the sewers. The facility doesn't just contain reptiles, either; it also keeps kangaroos, capybaras, goats, and a Scottish cow.
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    11441 Highway 80
    Greenwood, LA US
  • Splash Kingdom Waterparks
    Splash Kingdom Waterparks bring a bit of the ocean to Texas and Louisiana. Well, that's if the ocean was filled with twisting water slides and the occasional snack stand. The Splash Kingdom family consists of waterparks in Canton, Texas, Hudson Oaks, Texas, and Shreveport, Louisiana, with another location set to open in Greenville Park, Texas in 2015. Lazy rivers take visitors on leisurely floats around each of these parks, while giant wave pools simulate ocean tides and shake up floating inner tubes. Each park also houses a kids' area as well as its own set of unique aquatic thrills. At Canton, The Royal Flush takes riders down a fast, twisting body slide that ends in a 4-foot free fall. Shreveport's side-by-side Bonzai slides send dueling riders down steep, face-first descents. A Wild West theme defines the attractions at Hudson Oaks. At the park's Snake Pit, five slides take the form of giant snakes, including a green mamba and a copperhead. Each species goes through a different set of twists and turns. Splash Kingdom Waterparks is a Christian-run organization with a straightforward mission statement: "To glorify God while providing a safe and fun recreation experience for families."
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    7670 W 70th St.
    Shreveport, LA US
  • Whatz-Up Paintball
    More than 60 acres of open fields, urban replicas, and real-life woodlands become a color-spattered battlefield at Whatz-Up Paintball. The playing fields include a fenced-in range with foamy features to duck behind, a woodsball course that can field up to 100 players, and a 2-acre city field with two-story buildings, tire yards, and vehicles. Special events may include a Zombie Land transformation, and spotlit fields for night play.
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    700 East Cedar Creek Parkway
    Kemp, TX US
  • Mudbug Madness Festival
    Since 1984, Shreveport has paid tribute to a cherished Louisiana tradition—the crawfish boil—with its annual Mudbug Madness Festival. As many as 56,000 people flock each day to what has blossomed into one of the state’s most popular Cajun festivals, where they nosh on succulent seafood and compete in crawfish-eating contests that encourage participants to test their stomach size and sabotage their opponents by sneaking lobsters into their bowls. “One year, we had a man eat 42 pounds of crawfish in 30 minutes,” marvels festival coordinator Melanie. “We’ve cut it down to 15 minutes since then.” In addition to eating crustaceans, attendees can also lure them across the stage during crawdad-calling contests. “It gets really lively,” Melanie says, describing how the sirens-in-training are allowed to do nearly anything they can think of to entice the crawfish into their reach. Cajun, zydeco, and jazz tunes waft through the air during the festivities, emanating from three stages helmed by headliners such as Wayne Toups, Rockin’ Dopsie, Jr., Super Water Sympathy, and Windstorm. The rhythms reach the ears of shoppers browsing original artwork and handmade jewelry in the arts area, expanded after previous years' success. On Thursday, local athletes can work up an appetite in the 5K race. Children of all ages burn off energy in the kids' area, where they can somersault in the bounce house, tackle art projects, or plop down in front of a stage where magicians and storytellers keep their young minds off the uncertain fate of lollipop futures.
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    101 Crockett St, Festival Plaza
    Shreveport, LA US
  • Troup
    At Four Winds Renaissance Faire, historical accuracy is key, as talented actors and supervising staff present a bounty of Renaissance- and medieval-themed performance, music, and fare. Across the grounds, kings and queens strut over grass in opulent capes of purple, green, and gold. Minstrels cavort with their lyres, granting a background score to bright-eyed children as they play-duel to imitate nearby knights. The air fills with ancient Celtic tunes and modern-day laughter as jesters and a comedic swordplay troupe keeps attendees entertained. In one of the main events, six knights joust while clad in full armor, pitting their accuracy and endurance against targets, rings, and each other in five events. Vendors who’ve travelled throughout the country populate the grounds with dunking booths, carriage rides, and eclectic crafts ranging from hand-hammered metal pieces to medieval weapons and witch-repellant. After perusing the wares, attendees might espy an onsite wedding, which fair staffers supply with menus, themed costumes, and period décor. Though primarily a showcase for living, breathing medieval and Renaissance history, the fair’s monthly events also extend to themes such as Celtic heritage, steampunk, and the American Wild West.
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    21852 County Rd. 2178
    Troup, TX US
  • East Texas Gators
    East Texas Gators and Wildlife Park protects its resident alligators inside enclosed spaces that meticulously recreate natural habitats and let guests spy on the fierce reptiles from a safe distance. As visitors amble through the park on rock pathways, they have the chance to spot gators ranging from newborn hatchlings to adults more than 14 feet in length. During the feeding season, the park has public feedings with the large alligators at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily. While the alligators are the stars of the show, the park also showcases animals such as a lemur named George, ducks and geese in the tranquil pond; fish, snakes, and turtles in the aquarium; and humans inside the air-conditioned Welcome Center or bounce house. The park offers both indoor and outdoor dining at The Grill, where the menu includes dishes that include alligator, venison, and deer.
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    9515 FM 1255
    Grand Saline, TX US