Boxing & Kickboxing in Masonboro

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  • Mayfield's Martial Arts
    Wright’s Extreme Martial Arts and it’s Family Karate Center offer Jacksonville NC, some of the highest ranked instructors in multiple styles of karate and other martial arts. The highest ranked professional mma fighter in the area. Wright’s have trained 24 MMA champions to date and numerous national karate champions. Wri
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    208 Henderson Dr
    Jacksonville, NC US
  • Chivalry Sports Academy
    Chivalry Sports celebrates and preserves historical sparring techniques. During lessons, an instructor teaches medieval fighting methods, including broadsword for children and adults of all skill levels. At Friday Knight Fights, students enter a sparring tournament to test their mettle, until a winner emerges triumphant.
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    568 George Bishop Prkwy
    Myrtle Beach, SC US
  • Let's Dance Studio
    With group, private, or customized classes available, toe-tappers can tailor their dancing experience at Let's Dance Studio. The certified instructors lead dancers steps in dances that include salsa, Argentine tango, swing, country western, and line dancing. Visitors can also head to the studio for a dance-fueled workout during Zumba classes, aerobics, and even kickboxing.
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    5221 N Kings Hwy
    Myrtle Beach, SC US
  • RAM'S Self Defense
    Dustin Ramsden's job is to enforce the law, which means he's never terribly surprised to hear about someone breaking it. As a response, Dustin uses his 18 years of martial-arts training to help citizens defend themselves in classroom environments and on the street. He and colleague Dee Schunk-Chrisman employ the highly practical systems of krav maga⎯a martial art developed by the Israeli Defense Force for use in combat zones⎯to give their students a fighting chance against a real-world aggressor. The pair of instructors design classroom attacks to emulate real-life circumstances, dimming lights or stepping outside to train students to deal with stress, darkness, and unexpected variables. Above the mirrors that line the walls of Ram’s Self Defense school, red paint spells out such phrases as “self-control,” “perseverance,” and “indomitable spirit,” which reminds practitioners not to fight ghosts.
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    5440 Trade Street
    Hope Mills, NC US
  • Elite Training Center
    Elite Training is a fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art, white-knuckle facilities that provide focused alternatives to the typical workout. Learn CrossFit methodology, an intense training program that beefs up everyday movement to form a broad, core-strength-development regimen. Cardio kickboxing classes launch feet to the ceiling while shedding pounds and building stamina, all to a mixtape of energetic workout music. After sweatily sampling the alternative exercise room and full CrossFit method gym, wipe the beads off a shining brow with a less taxing cool-down activity such as browsing the equipment pro shop or slurping a chilly elixir from the smoothie bar (costs not covered by this Groupon). Eager finger muscles can use the computer mouse to browse the schedule for a full list of class times.
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    3611D Ramsey St
    Fayetteville, NC US