Golf in Moose Jaw

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First Tee Indoor Golf’s stable of 10 golf simulators whisk duffers to the emerald alleyways of 65 golf courses, including 18 PGA Tour greens. Players tote their own clubs to the studio and pulverize spheroids into 15-foot-tall, high-definition displays as golf motion software precisely tracks swings, deftly projecting the distance, trajectory, and spin inflicted by each shot. Players can bisect the cerulean waters and treacherous sand traps of a replication of famed Pebble Beach, which augments verisimilitude with a coterie of pixilated seagulls known for cawing at crucial swing moments. The simulators instantly transport players to the location of their most recent shot, condensing an 18-hole round into one 45- to 60-minute session. As players chip, pitch, and pay windmill tolls on their way through verdant course simulacra, First Tee Indoor Golf keeps them tethered to reality with eight high-definition televisions and a broad selection of appetizers and on-tap brews.

222 University Pk Dr