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  • CrossFit Regina
    CrossFit Regina welcomes participants of all ages and fitness levels to CrossFit, a total-body-conditioning program favoured by many professional athletes, police academies, and military-operations units. During three 90-minute Foundations classes, trainers educate fitness fledglings on basic nutrition, cardio, Olympic weight training, and calisthenics. Each class ends in a 10-minute workout in which trainers help students form proper workout technique and prevent discouraged limbs from dropping out to pursue folk music careers. Other offerings include the CrossFit Mamas workout, during which parents take turns exercising and watching one another's children, and team workout classes that have trainers work out bodies in groups of up to four. During daily classes, students torch calories by performing varied exercises using diverse equipment such as weights, hammers, tires, and flaming gladiatorial tridents. Check the schedule for class times.
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    1602 McDonald Street
    Regina, SK CA
  • Flux Crossfit
    Flux Crossfit zeroes in on fitness with a host of high-energy workouts and the support of small group instruction. Ease into the flexible, sinewy world of strength training with eight exhilarating group training sessions and three introductory classes. Both training sessions and classes are limited to a maximum of eight participants, granting pupils one-on-one guidance along with the support of a small group. Like a brigade of mercenary circus strongmen, certifiably fit coaches keep muscles on their toes and calories looking for cover with a fast-paced flurry of functional strength-training workouts, such as kettlebells, lifting, running, or rowing. Students are trained in general physical preparedness, honing their bodies into fighting shape for such physical ordeals as bewildering arrogant weight-guessers or beating up a waterfall.
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    2251 McTavish Street
    Regina, SK CA
  • Core Connection Regina
    We are a busy boutique pilates studio steps away from the Cathedral District and Wascana Park. We are between 14th & 15th Ave on Albert Street. The studio has been operating since 2002 under the direction of Corinne Harle. We specialize in small group classes & private lessons.
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    2243 Albert Street
    Regina, SK CA
  • Results Training and Conditioning
    Results Training and Conditioning Regina’s fitness boot camps kick-start slothful muscles with a fitness frenzy of strength, core, cardiovascular, and flexibility training. Certified personal trainer Ryan Lacey gathers inspiration from 11 years in the Canadian military to push his campers beyond their presumed fitness limitations during four-week sessions. Lacey’s cross-disciplinary approach offers tough love to all of the body’s major muscle groups, burning calories while breaking biceps out of their sedentary habits and punishing glutes for failing to keep a vigilant lookout for whoopee cushions. Though each small-group workout demands concentration and resolve, students bolster their results by cheering one another on and refusing to leave stragglers behind as they negotiate the vast expanses of exercise gear at the fully equipped indoor facility. The next boot camp begins on Saturday, November 5, with a convenient five-day schedule of classes that allows students to find a telephone booth, switch out of their superhero suit, and pick up weights whenever they see fit.
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    1835 7 Avenue
    Regina, SK CA
  • Curves for Women
    Members at Curves, a fitness centre designed exclusively for women, rotate around a circuit of hydraulic resistance machines that have been designed to work with female bodies and promote weight loss, protect against osteoporosis, and deal with arthritis. An experienced trainer is always nearby to help manage participants’ machine manoeuvring during 30-minute circuits. Instead of requiring members to fiddle with weight stacks and lose momentum, the hydraulic machines use body weight, fitness level, and aerodynamic water bottles to create resistance that matches abilities, decreasing the risk of soreness or injury. Because traditional lift-and-lower motions create bulky muscles, each machine uses push-and-pull motions to create toned, lean muscles perfect for crushing a grapefruit without looking like you can.
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    76 Great Plains Rd
    Emerald Park, SK CA
  • Spices Fitness & Lifestyle
    Just as fresh garlic can add zest to bland toothpaste, certified personal trainer and Zumba instructor Bernadette Nikkari livens up physical fitness with her personal and group training programs. She leads traditional Zumba and Zumba Kids classes with the backing of two Zumba certifications and a locket housing the imprisoned ghost of Desi Arnaz. Boot camps and adult kickboxing classes make quick work of excess calories and lethargy as guests swing weighted kettlebells to tone muscle groups, build endurance and heart strength with short sprinting bursts, and increase balance with the fancy footwork required to negotiate agility ladders. Her personal-training regimens shoot clients straight into the bull's eye of their fitness goals with the help of practical goal-setting strategies informed by an initial fitness assessment. Zumba kids and Kung Fu Kids programs as well as summer camps for children aged 7-15 change up daily routines, such as playing video games or practicing for hot-dog-eating championships, to keep them active and healthy.
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    Echo Valley Provincial Park

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