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  • First Tee Indoor Golf Ctr
    First Tee Indoor Golf?s stable of 10 golf simulators whisk duffers to the emerald alleyways of 65 golf courses, including 18 PGA Tour greens. Players tote their own clubs to the studio and pulverize spheroids into 15-foot-tall, high-definition displays as golf motion software precisely tracks swings, deftly projecting the distance, trajectory, and spin inflicted by each shot. Players can bisect the cerulean waters and treacherous sand traps of a replication of famed Pebble Beach, which augments verisimilitude with a coterie of pixilated seagulls known for cawing at crucial swing moments. The simulators instantly transport players to the location of their most recent shot, condensing an 18-hole round into one 45- to 60-minute session. As players chip, pitch, and pay windmill tolls on their way through verdant course simulacra, First Tee Indoor Golf keeps them tethered to reality with eight high-definition televisions and a broad selection of appetizers and on-tap brews.
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    222 University Park Dr
    Regina, SK CA
  • Nortown Bowling Lanes
    The bowling centre, which touts itself as Regina?s largest, hosts five-pin bowling in a festive setting. Along with bumper rails that keep the ball in play for kids, new bowlers, and physicists studying bounce effects, the centre sports glow-in-the-dark lanes for nighttime bowling battles. Bowling shoes, dubbed this year?s up-and-coming accessory at Paris Fashion and Anaerobic Exercise Week, are included with this Groupon for up to six people (adults $2 per pair, kids $1). Spend an hour at Nortown taunting your friends and taking out frustrations on a group of hapless pinheads. Unlike other competitive sports, such as dogsled racing and rap battling, bowling has zero barriers to entry and a shallow learning curve.
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    6831 Rochdale Blvd
    Regina, SK CA
  • Al Ritchie Arena
    At Circus Gatti, exotic animals, hilarious showmen, and thrilling daredevils delight families in an outrageous three-ring spectacle. During the two-hour show, elephants Tika and Patti stomp to Bollywood choreography, and the Liberty Ponies knock their synchronized hooves under the deft direction of Miss Genevieve, who conducts with a baton made of sugar cubes. The Great Oscar soars through the heavens with nothing but an oversize rope and bones infused with helium, with The Queen Bee delivering further aerial thrills while fluttering beside her hive in an atmospheric ballet. Pipin and Poppy elicit laughs with their comedy routine, and Miss Elizabeth induces awe with a contortion and balancing act in which she fires an arrow with her legs and feet while hanging upside down. After the show, those who opted for the meet and greet will brush elbows with the circus stars, snapping photos and asking questions regarding their skill, bravery, and how to construct a Q-tip big enough to clean an elephant's ear.
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    2230 Lindsay St.
    Regina, Saskatchewan CA
  • Harlem Globetrotters
    Harlem Globetrotters Playing Three-on-Five Since forming in the 1920s, the Harlem Globetrotters have continued to entertain millions of parents, children, and general basketball admirers with a trademark blend of athletic precision and razzle-dazzle showmanship. For the team's 2014 tour, a rotating [roster]( of Globetrotter favourites—including three female players—takes to the hardwood each game. Spectators might spot veteran guard [TNT]( sharing a behind-the-back pass with dunker [Quake](, whose high jump once cleared 7 feet, cruelly dashing his dreams of working in a ceiling-fan store. The Globetrotters might also present a study in contrasts with 5-foot-2 [Too Tall]( and 7-foot-4 [Stretch](, the team’s tallest member. During each Globetrotters game, youngsters laugh along and witness the jovial jocks performing classic routines of unconventional passing and sudden transmutations of water into confetti. To infuse their visits with an extra shot of unpredictability, the Globetrotters also let fans in each city vote on special rules for every game; past rules have included the use of a four-point shot and the installation of a penalty box. Over the years, similar antics have followed the Globetrotters around the world, including to 122 countries and territories and all six continents on which basketballs grow naturally. The Globetrotters’ extensive travels haven’t gone unnoticed: they’re one of the few teams to earn a spot in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as ambassadors of the sport.
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    1700 Elphinstone St.
    Regina, SK CA
  • Sask Landing Golf
    At certain points on the 18-hole course at Sask Landing Golf Resort, it seems like the greens should have slipped into the glassy waters of Lake Diefenbaker eons ago. Or that the soaring foothills that wreathe the course should have swallowed the smooth fairways. But, fortunately for golfers, the course isn?t going anywhere. Routed through an expanse of rolling prairieland, the 6,930-yard layout weaves through wildflowers and cacti that add their own sunny accents and sideline commentary to the scenic experience. Water hazards come into play on seven holes, including the final two, which run right alongside the lake to set up a dramatic finish. After rounds, golfers can continue to enjoy the far-reaching vistas or count each blade of prairie grass from the patio as they nosh burgers and other savory fare at the Clubhouse. Course at a Glance: 18-hole, par 72 course Length of 6,930 yards from the farthest tees Three tee options Scorecard
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    Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park
    Stewart Valley, SK CA
  • Curves for Women
    As they enter the training circle at Curves Regina, female guests come face-to-face with the smiles of other women. And just as points on a circle share a common distance from the circle's center, workout participants share the experiences of those nearby by trading stations throughout the 30-minute training session. One minute is spent on a piece of strength-training equipment built for feminine frames and designed to work two opposing muscle groups with a single movement. Exercisers then move on to a recovery station, where they run, jog, or dance to maintain heart rates and keep platforms in place during momentary losses of gravity. All of this takes place within the spacious facilities of the four Regina studios, which have been approved and certified by the franchise as Shining Star Clubs for being model branches.
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    2620 E Victoria Ave
    Regina, SK CA

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