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Purple Lotus Coaching

Gibson Springs

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Mental Edge Hypnotherapy


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Optimal Living With Niki

On Location

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Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

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Healthy Life Foot Spa

Spring Valley

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Refresh Foot Spa

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Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

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Jackson Hypnotherapy

Spring Valley

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Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

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The Foot Lounge

Multiple Locations

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Madame Et Monsieur Reshape

Las Vegas

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Reiki Spa Las Vegas

Sola Salon Studios-Room 16

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Progressive Health Center

Rhodes Ranch

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Magnolia Foot Spa

Silverado Ranch

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Align Chiropractic

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Marshall Chiropractic

Silverado Ranch

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Chiropractic team examines your spine and relieves chronic pain with a custom massage and adjustment

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Nature Care

Spring Valley

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Reflexology targets stress and imbalances in the body through the massaging of the feet; ionic foot baths draw out bodily toxins

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Naturopathic physician Dr. Nael Dagstani aims to help his patients improve their health but also their quality of life. He does this by merging both conventional and natural medicine that focuss on the body’s inherent healing abilities. Healing treatments include bio-identical hormone therapy that aims to increase energy levels, improve focus, help with weight control, and lessen anxiety. Dr. Dagstani also uses intravenous nutrient therapy, which aims to improve immune system function and treat virtually any condition, from the flu, to migraines, to chronic pain.

1751 N Stockton Hill Rd

Though at its core Horizon Spine and Sport is a chiropractic office, doctors Chuck Badger and Shira Hornfeld do much more than realign spines. The SCU graduates thoroughly investigate each patient’s condition, searching not only for spinal or alignment issues, but also for unique biochemical and environmental traits that can help them to understand the causes of existing pain—such as injury or opening doors headfirst—and map out an effective treatment plan.

Once they’ve analyzed a patient’s health history and conducted an orthopedic and neurological exam, the duo employs the most pertinent methods and equipment to treat and rehabilitate corporeal woes. The office’s heated infrared bed purges pain-causing toxins and pops ingested popcorn kernels, and an FDA–approved spinal-decompression apparatus heals herniated disks and radiating leg pain without surgery or medication.

2451 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Ste 100

Start your table time at the Wellness Institute of Nevada with an exam and consultation, where a licensed clinical massage therapist will assess the damage of life’s demands and prescribe a proper course of massage treatment. Tense tissues and stiff appendages can benefit from a deep-tissue massage, which aims to liberate tightly wound muscles from HBO-less prison cells far beneath the skin’s surface. A Swedish massage works to soothe soreness and calm nerves through a mélange of manipulating motions such as kneading, stretching, and tapping. Trigger-point massage uses a finger-pressure technique that targets painful, tightly drawn bands of muscle fiber, which create sore spots throughout the body and look stupid in overalls. Often, two or more methods are incorporated into each one-hour session at the Wellness Institute, helping to ease muscle tension, stimulate blood and lymph circulation, and restore lost ranges of motion, allowing one to finally show those street-performing braggarts what real miming talent looks like.

2557 Wigwam Pkwy

Unless informed that it was the name of history’s coolest dinosaur, most 6-year-olds would have trouble even pronouncing the word “chiropractor”—but after a 6-year-old Devin Luzod received successful chiropractic care for severe allergies, he told anyone who would listen that he wanted to be a chiropractor when he grew up. By 2000 he had received his certifications from NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association), and his Las Vegas practice was booming.

NUCCA, a branch of chiropractic care, focuses on centering the weight of the head over the neck rather than on forceful “cracking” of the spine. Using gentle shifts and adjustments, Dr. Luzod sends healing energy throughout the body to ameliorate ailments such as headaches, limited mobility, and pain induced by repetitive motion or working all day in the same beanbag chair.

55 S Valle Verde Dr

At Mountain West Chiropractic, Dr. Kenneth M. Bahoora and his team treat spines based on the clinical biomechanics of posture—a system created by doctors, engineers, and mathematicians. Its treatments shape spines to more stably withstand gravitational pressure, attacking a variety of posture-related ailments at their root. The end goal of all the clinic's treatments—whether the team is crafting a weight-loss program or administering digital x-rays—is to ferret out the root causes of illnesses and treat those, rather than simply masking symptoms.

321 N Pecos Rd

The Dental Center Group stands as a nationwide network of dentists' offices that all benefit from the same training in excellent patient care. For the past 25 years, the network has grown to include hundreds of dental professionals across the country, each of whom offer a standard range of modern smile procedures such as Invisalign, porcelain veneers, and lessons on how to say "cheese."

1450 West Horizon Ridge Parkway