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The breadth activities at OKC Riversport is nearly as diverse as the natural terrain and wildlife that surround their locations. Adventure-seekers can test their mettle on the Air Express zipline and SandRidge Sky Trail, or explore the 13 miles of trails on a bike.

Like a cat equipped with scuba gear, OKC Riversport's visitors aren't relegated entirely to the land. Across Lake Overholser and the Oklahoma River, fleets of kayaks and standup paddleboards cut across the water. The sounds of drums fill the air as instructors teach students how to man the dragon boats—inspired by festive Chinese fishing vessels—or battle maritime knights. Pupils can discover a water sport for the first time or hone existing watercraft skills.

725 South Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City,

Everyone should have a way to express themselves. That’s why the instructors at Tulsa Art Center are passionate about guiding visitors through a wide variety of art classes, ranging from watercolor to clay sculptures. The instructors firmly believe that artistic talent can be learned or easily purchased from a palm reader, and classes for all ages and skill levels welcome both burgeoning artists and established experts. Students can learn to illustrate comic books and build a foundation in storytelling during book-illustration classes, or pick up a pencil at the learn-to-draw class.

6808 S Memorial Dr

Since its founding in 2005, the 12-acre park has taken in more than 200 active animals from private owners and zoos with limited vacancy. The grounds permeate an aura of familiar and familial care, as all staffers lend their time and knowledge on a volunteer basis. During a single safari jaunt, guests can get acquainted with a range of amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles—specific beasts include kangaroos, marmosets, and Amazon parrots. A select group of creatures are also available for high hoof-fiving and fur comparing at the petting zoo. Likewise, because today's Groupon includes four feeding treat packs, all attending guests can shower their most beloved little friends with sweet, sweet non-candycane sustenance.

26881 E 58th St S
Broken Arrow,

A diverse group of vendors converge at Serendipity Market to display their eclectic wares, ranging from vintage furniture and restyled home goods to home accents and handmade gifts, encouraging shoppers to discover their own, personalized style. Serendipity Market’s ever-changing selection of one-of-a-kind wares includes mirrors ($55) and picture frames ($10–$50). Shelves stuffed with vibrant lampshades, jewelry, and throw pillows ($20–$40) give homeowners quirky ideas for their living spaces and generals out-of-the-box ways to liven up the war room. Serendipity’s elegant candleholder set ($40) or lanterns ($40–$50) can give off an abundance of light to otherwise darkened bedrooms. Groupon holders looking for an enviable conversation piece can splurge on repainted or restyled chair ($150). The shop’s Facebook page keeps customers updated with photos of new merchandise.

917 E Danforth Rd

Cuisine Type: Great American food
Established: 2014
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Number of Tables: 11–25
Parking: Parking lot
Most popular offering: Dixie chicken bites, burgers and fries
Kid-friendly: Yes
Alcohol: None
Delivery / Take-out Available: Yes
Outdoor Seating: No
Pro Tip: Our goal is to be a small town family diner with friendly staff serving quality food at a good value.

Q&A with Dan Hedman, Owner

In your own words, how would you describe yourmenu?
Patriot Grill offers a variety of familiar American grilled and fried items with a common theme: healthy portions of delicious food cooked to order and served hot. The menu includes fresh-cooked traditional and gourmet cheeseburgers including the Patriot Sausagecheeseburger, bite-sized boneless fried and grilled chicken, fried catfish and cheeseburger steaks, fresh cut fries, home-style okra and other sides, and drinks such as sweet tea, frosted mugs of root beer, cherry limeades, and black cow shakes.

Are there any dishes on the menu you consider to be a hidden gem—notnecessarily the most popular, but surprisingly delicious?
The Breakfast Melt is a breakfast buffet stacked on a plate. It is a sausage burger topped with grilled ham, bacon, three kinds of cheese and an egg that is served on Texas toast and covered with pepper gravy. We are also one of the few places in the area to offer freshly grilled Siegi's Bratwurst, served with our own grilled onion and sauerkraut topping. Another is the Swamp Sauce Boneless Chicken Wings, a smokey jalapeno sauce that is made locally and is very unique to Patriot Grill. Lastly, I would add the Black Cow milk shake. It is made with root beer and a touch of chocolate. The Black Cow tastes like the bottom of a root beer float after the ice cream has melted and mixed with the root beer.

Décor can say a lot about the type of food a restaurant serves. Howdoes your décor inform or reflect your culinary practice?
Patriot Grill is simple and clean with white walls and a couple of old neon signs that we have refurbished. Our decor is based on traditional American patriotism, which includes flags, tributes to our veterans and Founding Fathers, and some Route 66 memorabilia.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn'tcover?
We love the big eaters and offer double- and triple-stacked burgers and sides such as chili cheese fries and bacon cheese tots, but we also offer delicious grilled chicken salads, chicken sandwiches and a low carb plate for those who eat lighter.

1004 East Dewey Avenue

Most of the animals at The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park were rescued from crueler places than the wild. Many of them came from deplorable living situations, where they were either locked in abusive or neglectful facilities—or flat-out abandoned by owners who were unable to care for them properly. The park gives its wildlife expansive enclosures, along with round-the-clock care and an on-site veterinary clinic. The park's ultimate goal is to prepare its bestiary for homes in worthy zoos nationwide.

This background adds a deeper resonance to tours as guests interact with vivacious animals that show few signs of their prior mistreatment. Fuzzy bear cubs amble across laps, 600-pound tigers graze their whiskers across hands, and camels give slobbery kisses to new best friends. And the park doesn't just provide homes to exotic rescue animals. Visitors will also encounter llamas methodically chewing their cud, chickens strutting across the dirt, and hybrid wolves trying to figure out how to fetch like their dog ancestors.

Named for the late Garold Wayne Schreibvogel, the park stands as a living memorial to his passion for animals and mission to provide them with a safe space where they can thrive. Each animal and habitat honors another life as well: benefactors of The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park are recognized with plaques and signs throughout the exhibits.

25803 N County Road 3250