Wine Tasting in Paducah

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StarView Vineyards is home to both native and French-American hybrid grapes that flourish on the vine during breezy, sunny summers. Seven varieties emerge from those vines, resulting in 12 signature wines, from the semi-dry, citrusy vignoles to the Red Star, a semi-sweet chambourcin. Stop by the tasting room to sip samples of these blends?along with wine slushies and sangrias?or head to the cafe to snack on grilled chicken sandwiches and pasta salad.

5100 Wing Hill Rd

Coat the stomach lining with the soup of the day ($6.50), served with freshly baked bread, and introduce the soup to a deli sandwich served on your choice of bread. Grainy greats, including wheat berry, sourdough, rye, sub roll, and croissant, serve as a meat-docking station for honey ham ($8.75), roast turkey ($9.00), or roast beef ($9.25). You can also opt for a grilled panini with your choice of pasta salad, potato salad, fresh-fruit bowl, or chips. The reuben, stacked heavy with corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand-island dressing ($9.25) appeases meat lovers. Or think outside the breadbox with nostalgic eats that still don't beg utensil usage. Try chicken fingers ($9.75), veggie-packed quesadillas ($9.75), or a bevy of burgers, each served with fries. View the complete lineup here.

132 Petro Rd
Kingston Springs,

Grinder's Switch Winery sits atop a 110-acre estate flourishing with vineyards that produce a variety of palate-pleasing wines. Inside a hand-built log cabin set against a backdrop of efflorescent countryside, Grinder's tasting room welcomes sophisticated sippers to sample such wizened grape juices as the 2009 Pearl—a sweet wine derived from niagara grapes ($10.93)—and the Blondy ($12.75), which boasts aromatic scents of apricot and peach. Swirling fragrances of golden apple tickle the noses of Honeysuckle Rose ($13.67) drinkers, while the lightly-oaked 2009 chardonnay ($13.67) proffers a finish as crisp as dollar bills made out of Granny Smith apples.

2119 Highway 50 West Loop