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  • Sterling Building Specialists
    The Composition of Dust: Of Mites and Mars When the cleaners are finished, you?ll be able to breathe easier. Increase your satisfaction with a look at one thing they?ve banished: dust. Whether you're resting in a mountain cabin, traveling through a city, or being vented out an airlock into outer space, dust is all around you. Microscopic particles?usually a combination of soil, pollen, skin cells, and minerals?can pile up quickly indoors. The problem is exacerbated by tiny creatures called dust mites, which gather in groups of up to 500 per gram of dust to devour flakes of human skin while multiplying in number, excreting waste, and probably chittering away. No matter where you are on Earth, a mote of dust is presently traveling straight toward your eye, thanks to the persistent creation of dust in almost any climate humans inhabit. Even beyond our planet, dust is ubiquitous: astronomers face the universe's untidiness every time they peer through a telescope and find formations of cosmic dust, which absorb the visible light around them. Although it comes from exploding stars rather than flaky humans, space dust isn't so different from the domestic variety: a 2007 paper published in IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science explored the similarities between the formation of dust bunnies under beds and the coagulation of space dust into planets.
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    981 Highway 98, Ste 3166
    Destin, FL US
  • Destin's Total Laundry Service
    The cleaning crew at Total Laundry Services’ dueling outposts champion textilian purity with a gauntlet of washing and dry-cleaning services. Total Laundry Services’ ablution authorities will bathe comforters of all sizes in waterless solvents before folding them into cuddly origami teddy bears. Like other dry-cleaned goods, comforters can pass through the shops' speedy washworks and onto superheroes’ napes within 24 hours Monday–Thursday, or emerge fresh-faced from weekend getaways by 6:00 p.m. on Monday.
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    75 Eglin Parkway Northeast
    Fort Walton Beach, FL US
  • Concord Custom Cleaners
    Stewardship Drycleaners lives up to its name. Each dry-cleaned shirt gets de-grimed with Vista solvent, made from biodegradable, nontoxic chemicals, and every laundered garment gets washed with Faultless by Nature detergent, to which the EPA has given its stamp of approval. Additionally, Stewardship Drycleaners offers plastic-bag and hanger recycling to reduce new production. Whether washing worn jeans, preserving wedding dresses, or adhering to its policy of only christening ships named The Steward, the cleaner keeps true to its moniker.
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    1436 Capital Cir NW
    Tallahassee, FL US
  • Wash Around The Clock
    • For $19, you get two 25-pound, single-person laundry bag drop-offs to be used during the same month (a $39.99 value). • For $35, you get two large, family-size laundry bag drop-offs to be used during the same month (a $74.99 value).
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    2256 West Pensacola Street
    Tallahassee, FL US
  • Seminole Carpet Cleaning
    Seminole Carpet Cleaning is your number one source for professional carpet cleaning and other services. We are locally owned and operated in Tallahassee, Florida, but travel to surrounding areas as well. We provide first class carpet cleaning and other services at fair prices. We don't cut corners, we clean them!
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    4244 West Tennessee Street
    Tallahassee, FL US
  • Eco Logic Pool Service
    After years of watching the waste and inefficiencies of pool systems, Issac Darzi decided to launch a pool company that would adapt quickly to new technology and embrace eco-friendly solutions. Using basic principles of organic chemistry, microbiology, and fluid dynamics, the techs at Eco Logic Pool Service safely spruce up backyard watering holes while minimizing the use of both chemicals and electricity. Their services range from basic cleaning and chemical maintenance to environmental-impact assessments and pool-safety training for kids and garter snakes looking to pursue new careers as electric eels.
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    On Location
    Tallahassee, FL US