Career Certifications in Richfield

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  • Center Of Mass
    At Center of Mass we have Quality Firearms, Safety training, and accessories to fit all of your needs.
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    7809 Southtown Center #373
    Bloomington, MN US
  • Midwest Carry Academy
    The Range Midwest Carry Academy's instructors teach at several ranges in the local area. The Rentals Available rentals including .22 caliber pistols and 9 millimeter pistols. At a Glance Midwest Carry Academy's shooting experts aim to imbue students with the skills needed to responsibly bear arms. The instructors' backgrounds range from the NRA to law enforcement to military, and they draw on these experiences to teach handgun and home defense courses. In these classes, teachers help both entry-level and advanced shooters hone their skills and master efficiency. Additionally, the instructors themselves continuously take new courses to further develop their skills as both teachers and gun handlers.
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    7525 Braemar Boulevard
    Edina, MN US
  • Mathnasium The Math Learning Center
    Though many students come to Mathnasium having fallen behind their classmates, a mathematically advanced child sparked the learning program’s creation. As founder Larry Martinek’s young son, Nic, developed an appetite for higher-level math concepts, Larry found himself developing an entirely new teaching language to explain them in an age-appropriate way. The kind of instincts he sought to build up couldn’t be nurtured by drills and rote memorization. Instead, they required a deeper understanding of the principles at the root of mathematical operations, delivered in a way that grade-school kids could apply throughout their academic careers. In just a decade’s time, Larry and his team have established Mathnasium centers in most U.S. states and more than a dozen in other countries. At each, highly trained tutors develop custom learning plans for students in grades K–12 based on The Mathnasium Method. The system combines an education strategy of conceptual, tactile, and visual techniques with a curriculum structure that ensures kids can count, think proportionally, and break complex problems into smaller components to solve simply. Tutors allow some time during each session to help students with the concepts in their math homework, and the centers regularly check report cards and standardized tests as further measures of progress.
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    4590 Excelsior Boulevard
    Minneapolis, MN US
  • Abamath
    Math can be a challenge, even for the brightest of students. Abamath seeks to simplify the problem of math equations through enthusiastic instruction, technology, and encouragement. Specialized instructors pinpoint each student's strengths and leverage them to enhance the learning experience. Members receive unlimited access to their space and tutors, who teach everything from kindergarten arithmetic to calculus. Hourly one-on-one tutoring and homework help are available, as well.
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    11000 Cedar Lake Rd.
    Minnetonka, MN US
  • Online Trading Academy Minneapolis
    Online Trading Academy's experienced investors educate the uninitiated in the world of high-profile stock trading with onsite and at-home seminars and CD courses. Since the academy’s creation in 2001, more than 24,000 pupils have mastered the intricacies of complicated stock profiles, linear regressions, and market predictors to hedge against downturns and ride upturns like a cowboy on a dollar-spewing comet. The company's different branches of education focus on every aspect of wealth gain and management, with lessons on options, stock, and currency trading in both a global environment or across a bloodstained Monopoly board. Specialty courses round out each burgeoning trader's toolkit with personalized plan creation and in-depth technical analysis, while a treasure trove of resources ranges from one-on-one dialogues with the pros to a specially designed trading platform for PCs.
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    7801 Metro Parkway
    Minneapolis, MN US
  • Claymate Creations
    At Claymate Creations, Anjee Mai Emerson celebrates her two passions: art and play. Inspired by her joy in creating sculptures, she uses her colorful creation haven to share that love with students aged 8 and older. She leads them in shaping polymer clay monster sculptures, motivating them to tap into their imaginations to bring one-eyed green gremlins or self-destructive socialites to life. In each three-hour playshop class or private party, up to six guests gather in this casual learning environment. Anjee encourages them to have fun playing with clay while they flex their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. She also showcases her own work throughout the studio, and sells her handmade monsters, earrings, magnets, and stationery at a handful of local boutiques.
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    1500 NE Jackson St., Suite 151
    Minneapolis, MN US