Crossfit in San Benito

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  • Crossfit Work Over Time
    No matter your age, shape, size, or fitness level, there's a place for you at CrossFit Work Over Time. During CrossFit sessions, trainers scale workouts for each client, customizing all weightlifting, cardio, and resistance-training exercises and bolstering session with positive encouragement and reinforcement. By designing new workouts daily, trainees—and their muscles—can avoid plateauing or falling into a rut. And to keep intimidation factors at a minimum, students can start out with beginner or intermediate CrossFit classes.
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    2730 South Expressway 83
    Harlingen, TX US
  • CrossFit Brownsville
    While working as a firefighter and paramedic, CrossFit Brownsville owner Jonathan Jones counted on the CrossFit system to stay in shape for the grueling demands of his job. Today, he and his team teach the method to others, incorporating Olympic lifting, gymnastics, cardio, and resistance training into their workouts. That mix, combined with everyday motions, fosters a full-body workout, and one that readies participants for all kinds of physical activities. Instructors can scale CrossFit workouts to suit anyone, including grandparents, marathon runners, and those just getting into a fitness routine. To ease into the system, students start off with a three-day Fundamentals class that introduces CrossFit's fundamentals and techniques.
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    488 Regal Row Suite #107
    Brownsville, TX US
  • Alpha Fit
    At Alpha Fit, functional movements are at the core of each workout. With special attention to safe techniques, the focus on functional movements not only whips bodies into shape, but also makes everyday movements easier. CrossFit, high-intensity interval training, and boot-camp classes each promise different, fast-paced exercises that quickly sculpt muscles and burn calories.
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    100 S Mon Mack Rd.
    Edinburg, TX US
  • Crosscore 956
    Kettlebells, free weights, and medicine balls litter the ground after one of Crosscore 956's intense workouts. The accredited CrossFit coach leads students of all fitness levels through unconventional exercises during the fitness classes that change daily. Exercises can include body-weight exercises, such as sprinting or pushups, or exercises with props, such as weightlifting, swinging heavy ropes, and ring dips.
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    1701 Dove Avenue
    Mc Allen, TX US
  • Crossfit 956
    Each day, Crossfit 956 comes to life with individuals looking to whip their bodies into shape. People squat with heavy medicine balls, climb ropes that dangle from the ceiling, and flip over giant tires. They also work muscles during weightlifting reps, and lift their own weight using pull-up bars.
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    1626 E Griffin Parkway
    Mission, TX US