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Serving up an extensive menu of breakfast bites and deli fare, Coffee Pot Bistro resets clanging tummy clocks, and the café’s specialty coffee drinks provide flavorful caffeine kicks. Ante-meridiem munchers can jump-start their days with light breakfast options, such as eggs and toast ($3), or cram face crevasses with a croissant, such as the herbivore-friendly garden variety, with eggs, feta cheese, guacamole, and assorted veggies ($8). Various melts and sandwiches include Nana's chicken-salad sandwich topped with spinach, cranberries, and walnuts ($7) for a hearty meal free of Grandma’s relentless pyramid-scheme sales pitches. Coffee Pot Bistro also boasts a vast menu of specialty drinks that can be served hot, iced, or blended, such as the Laughalatté, with milk-chocolate and macadamia-nut flavors, or the white ghost, with essences of white chocolate, pistachio, and ectoplasm.

129 E Hopkins St
San Marcos,