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Founded by owner Tina Hasche with her mother and two sisters, Skin Deep has been pampering the local community in its warmly lit San Roque Plaza location for more than 30 years. Inside this friendly neighborhood beauty sanctum, manicurist and aesthetician Caroline Barbee nourishes nails and corrals cuticles with 90 minutes of safe and soothing indulgence. Dapper digits find revivification during the Skin Deep manicure, which shapes nails and cuticles and massages muscles tired from playing finger cymbals or pounding floor-size keyboards. A spa pedicure returns put-upon leg landings to a sandal-ready state, beginning with an aromatic whirlpool footbath, followed by a sea-salt exfoliation with essential oils and a foot-and-leg massage. Calluses are filed, cuticles are curtailed, and polish is painted on with the same delicate techniques used by Picasso during his lacquer period.
3405 State Street
Santa Barbara,