Shooting Range in Shafter

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The Range
  • Outdoor trap, skeet, sporting-clay, and five-stand ranges
  • Archery field with 3D targets
  • Covered rifle range with 21 positions
  • Four outdoor pistol bays
  • Main pistol bay features interactive metal targets, including moving ducks
  • Interactive pistol shooting gallery

The Rentals
  • More than 60 rental handguns from the likes of Beretta and Glock
  • Calibers include .22, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP

At a Glance

Booge Mercer started small, but she had a vision. Launching Oak Tree Gun Club in 1973 with just six fields, a trailer, and two outhouses, she steadily expanded the private shooting club into a public range. Soon, Charlton Heston and Steven Spielberg were dropping by. When Mercer passed in 1993, James Mitchell purchased the club and resumed Mercer?s vision. Today, Oak Tree Gun Club continues to draw outdoorsmen under the ownership of James' daughters, Betsy and Katie. The club?s facilities have even provided filming locations for television shows such as Entourage and NCIS. Those facilities have grown to include the Oak Tree Bar & Grill, a pro shop, and an archery field with 3D targets.

23121 Coltrane Ave

The male and female firearm experts of American Home Defense shape their shooting and self-defense classes around legal regulations with an emphasis on personal safety. In private shooting lessons, students learn to handle three of the most common handguns and home-defense classes equip participants with the know-how to protect their families from intruders or a neighbor's moat monster.

500 Airport Rd

After spending his last shot, a shooter waits for the automatic retrieval system to bring his target back and show his accuracy. Each lane on The Firing Line's 25-yard indoor pistol and rifle range sports an automatic target-placement system, which lets marksmen sharpen their aim across both short- and long-range scenarios. In addition to supervising the range and maintaining house rules, The Firing Line's arms experts also lead classroom training that ranges from youth safety workshops to certification courses for NRA range-safety officers. Memberships grant sportsmen privileges such as gun rentals—The Firing Line plans to add gun rentals for nonmembers in the near future, as well as gunsmithing for clients in need of firearm restoration or something to do with all their inheritance from Uncle Dirty Harry.

1173 Dayton Avenue