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  • Eagles Nest Country Club
    Designed to make use of four bodies of water, Eagle's Nest Country Club's bermuda fairways and bentgrass greens form a challenging track across a rolling, 6,409-yard layout. In play on six holes, the water hazards make their presence felt from the very first shot of the round, as drives launched with too much power from the first tee may wind up as Earth's tiny, second moon or in a pond positioned between the fairway and the green. As host of multiple statewide tournaments—including the 2008 and 2010 Kentucky Open Qualifiers and the 2009 Women's Senior State Amateur Championship—the course invites golfers across the handicap spectrum to test their mettle from any of the four tee boxes. Golfers can prepare for their round by warming up swings at the 300-yard driving range or cramming their bag with morsels from the snack bar to stave off hunger on the course or feed malnourished 3-woods. Course at a Glance: * 18-hole, par 71 course * Length of 6,409 yards from the farthest tees * Course rating of 70.2 from the farthest tees * Slope rating of 130 from the farthest tees * Four tee options
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    1811 Clubhouse Dr
    Somerset, KY US
  • Tru-Flite Archer
    At True Flight Indoor Archery’s 14 indoor lanes, archers nock their arrows and let them fly to the targets 20 yards away, unimpeded by the errant breezes and impatient arrowhead collectors that so often spoil perfectly aimed shots outdoors. Shorter 10- and 15-meter lanes level the field for newbies to hone their technique, and the staff—affiliated with the National Archery in the Schools Program—imparts basic skills during private lessons. The shop also sells equipment from brands such as Martin Archery, Lancaster Archery Supply, and Maple Leaf Press, outfitting avid shooters with bows designed for marksmanship, hunting, or launching spare sets of castle keys down from the bastion.
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    629 Adams Rd
    Corbin, KY US
  • Lion's Chase 5k Obstacle Race
    Sure, there's mud. Like many other 5ks across the country, the Lion's Chase will get you dirty. But its creators take the most pride in the race's obstacles. From a 20-foot shear rock wall to a 75-foot cable walk over a pond, the trek through 250 acres of trails, creeks, and waterfalls is packed with challenges. Although the course offers a sort of sylvan paradise, it's only 90 minutes from Lexington and 75 minutes from Knoxville, making it easy for city-dwellers to attend.
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    11220 Cumberland Falls Highway
    Corbin, KY US
  • Norton Center For The Arts
    A longtime collaborator of Frank Lloyd Wright hailed for his innovative and organic structures, architect William Wesley Peters designed the 85,000-square-foot Norton Center for the Arts as a space where performance and visual art could commingle. Since its opening in 1973, the Center has championed both innovative and classical works and artists, with a world-renowned roster of talent appearing over the years, including James Earl Jones and the Vienna Boys’ Choir. Before entering its theater spaces, patrons' eyes catch the vibrant walls of the Grand Foyer that hold the Center’s collection of contemporary artwork displayed alongside a rotating lineup of secretly sentient statues and special exhibitions. Echoing with the memory of almost 40 years’ worth of show-stopping musical numbers and heart-rending violin solos, Newlin Hall’s plush red seats and cochleae-tickling acoustics contribute to the space’s renown as a setting for awe-inspiring performances. The smaller stage of the Weisiger Theatre captivates crowds with intimate performances where audience members in any seat of the house can hear the last-meal request of a tree on stage as it falls.
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    600 West Walnut Street
    Danville, KY US
  • Band of Brothers Paintball
    A rustle of wind whips through the dark forest rising up behind the deserted building, increasing the sense of foreboding that has settled over the clearing for much of the afternoon. The silence is broken by a bird’s shrill call from a distant tree and, as if on queue, a masked figure steps out from inside the weathered structure and aims his marker at his opponent hiding behind the small trailer in front of him. Suddenly finding herself splattered with vibrant purple paint, the targeted adversary takes off across the green field, firing off a polychromatic round of pellets in her wake. Founded with the hopes of granting its guests the chance to experience adrenaline-laced interactions such as these, Band of Brother Paintball offers acres of play space for pigment-slinging snipers. Before sending patrons out for rounds of fast-paced play, the knowledgeable staff outfits them with an arsenal of rental equipment and paintballs. Once armed, shooters take to obstacle-laden fields, bobbing and weaving between metal cylinders as they try to create passable forgeries of Impressionist paintings on the backs of fellow combatants.
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    438 Windflower Way
    Lancaster, KY US
  • Beer Engine
    Beer Engine Microbrewery & Tap's resident beer buffs conjure signature batches of oat sodas that are brewed in-house. Sip on a quartet of samples from Beer Engine's five microbrews, which range from Freedom Ranger pale and King George's nut brown ale to Kirkner's amber––a quintessentially American brew made purely from waves of grain. Souvenir pint glasses hold aloft foamy fermentations such as virtue porter or czechvar, and half-gallon growlers allow sippers to tote their two favorite potables home and may be returned and refilled later for a fee of $11.
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    107 Larrimore Ln
    Danville, KY US

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