Day Spa in South Lake Tahoe

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  • 968 Park Hotel Travel
    The 968 Hotel is a six-minute walk from Lake Tahoe, two inches from Mother Nature, and less than 600 footsteps from two of Lake Tahoe's major attractions—a glass-walled gondola ride that gives riders a sweeping view of the brilliantly blue lake, as well as an upscale shopping center, which houses an eight-plex cinema, an ice-skating rink, a mini-golf course, and a locally popular breakfast café. Those ready to wander join an all-day, small-group wine tasting around Lake Tahoe vineyards, and history buffs can investigate the site of the Tallac resort, which features preserved vacation homes, hiking trails, and guided walks.
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    968 Park Ave
    South Lake Tahoe, CA US
  • Peace of Mind Float Spa
    Peace of Mind Float Spa casts a gravity-defying spin on relaxation with sensory-deprivation flotation tanks. The tank's solution of filtered, sterilized water mixes with 800 pounds of Epsom salts to imbue guests with a feeling of weightlessness that aims to induce deep relaxation and alleviate physical ailments. The water is heated to skin temperature to simulate a state of anti-gravity typically experienced only by astronauts or koalas at an all-you-can-eat eucalyptus buffet. An oxygen aromatherapy treatment can heighten the effects of floating before or after the treatment with one of four scents. The relaxation destination also hosts a far infrared sauna, which uses soothing heat and infrared rays to penetrate the body and aid natural detoxification.
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    290 Kingsbury Grade #23
    Stateline, NV US
  • Carson Hot Springs Resort
    Old Hot Springs Resort sources natural mineral water from 35,000 feet below the Earth’s surface to fill pools and baths for a health-enriching experience. The springs carry a lengthy history, including use by settlers back in 1849 on their way to the gold rush, and before then by Washoe Indians perfecting their synchronized diving routines. The water teems with healthy minerals such as sulfate to strengthen skin and hair, calcium to fortify bones, and potassium to aid muscle function. Adults splash and swim in aquamarine outdoor pools kept at 98 degrees in the summer and 102 degrees in the winter, or sunbathe on the surrounding patio. Meanwhile, private baths, with water from 95 to 110 degrees, proffer an intimate place for couples to canoodle and spies to exchange confidential microfiche. Staffers drain and refill pools every day, barring the use of chemicals or city water to maintain the mineral water’s purity. After soaking, patrons can deepen their relaxation with a hot-stone massage, held in a hushed room lit with petite lights, or snag refreshments from an onsite restaurant and bar.
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    1500 Old Hot Springs Rd.
    Carson City, NV US
  • Sierra Nevada Holistic Services
    After Andrea Felesina earned her master's degree and started a career as a registered nurse, she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to take a holistic approach to health. Her curiosity led her to the Bodhi Tree School of Massage, where she acquired national certification in massage therapy. With her newfound ability to blend eastern and western techniques, Andrea opened Sierra Nevada Holistic Services inside a ranch-style cottage. In addition to offering therapeutic-massage services, Andrea also leads yoga nidra meditation sessions, drawing on training she received from yogi Amrit Desai. Yoga nidra combines light stretching, breathwork, and guided imagery to completely relax the body and banish the stress of wondering where the keys to the bomb-squad van are. Andrea also concocts her own aromatherapeutic blends to ease muscle aches, indigestion, and depression with help from fellow practitioner Sue Fritz, who brings 40 years of medical and holistic training to the table.
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    407 West Robinson Street
    Carson City, NV US