Diners in State College

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The West Shore Diner's repurposed trailer seems to have rolled right out of the mid-20th century. Behind its blue-and-red paint job, guests chew on comfort food at the counter—everything from eggs and bacon to roast turkey. Breakfast is a popular time to stop by, and the friendly servers pour the first refillable cups of coffee at 5 a.m.

1011 State St

A simple, homey sign and no-frills brick façade welcome visitors to the laid-back environs of The Hampstead Diner, where laminated menus elicit stomach rumbles with a seemingly endless supply of homemade eats. At breakfast, peppers, potatoes, onions, and eggs sink into skillets and scrambles, and plates of belgian waffles crowned with cutlets of fried chicken forge a delicious truce betwixt the worlds of sweet and savory. Diners perched upon wooden park benches happily chow down on morning or midday meals, which include Reuben sandwiches, chili-topped dogs, and freshly ground, hand-pattied burgers.

1365 N Main St

Great food and affordable, don't miss Thursday's dinner special, for less than $10. Great $1.99 weekday breakfast specials too!

2005 Miller Rd
East Petersburg,