Natural Medicine in Tucson

60-Minute Hypnosis Session from Soulshine of Tucson (74% Off)

Soulshine Of Tucson


Personalized session from a certified consulting hypnotist to deal with confidence, stress, anxiety, smoking cessation, or weight loss

$98 $25

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One Chiropractic Adjustment with Exam and Consultation at Life is Good Chiropractic (90% Off)

Life is Good Chiropractic

Life Is Good Chiropractic

Friendly chiropractor applies gentle, firm pressure to return bones to natural, healthy positions and to treat a variety of symptoms

$285 $29

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Chiropractic Exam with One or Three Adjustments or Spinal Decompressions at Pantano Chiropractic (Up to 87% Off)

Pantano Chiropractic

Ward 2

Doctor of chiropractic examines patients and administers x-rays if needed before one or three adjustments or spinal-decompression treatments

$220 $29

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Chiropractic Exam, X-ray, and Four or Six Adjustments at Aragon Chiropractic, P.C. (Up to 81% Off)

Aragon Chiropractic

Ward 2

Chiropractor helps improve overall health with detailed exams and adjustments that can help correct chronic conditions

$340 $65

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Chiropractic Package with Massage at Sabino Canyon Chiropractic/AZ Spinal Decompression Center (Up to 89% Off)

Sabino Canyon Chiropractic/AZ Spinal Decompression Center

Sabino Canyon Chiropractic/Az Spinal Decompression Center

Chiropractic exam, x-rays, and posture analysis pinpoint areas of pain; massage works to alleviate discomfort

$340 $39

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3 or 6 Chiropractic Adjustments with Exam and Corrective Exercises from Jason D Moyle, DC . (Up to 80% Off)

Jason D Moyle LLC.


Doctor treats chronic pain, headaches, and back aches through spinal adjustments and non-invasive therapy

$245 $50

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One or Three Acupuncture Sessions with Consultation at Herbal Cabinet Acupuncture Clinic, PLLC (Up to 55% Off)

Herbal Cabinet Acupuncture Clinic, PLLC

Herbal Cabinet Acupuncture Clinic

Superfine needles aim to realign energy pathways throughout the body, easing issues from anxiety to overeating

$75 $34

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One or Three 60-Minute Acupuncture Sessions at with Loren at 4 Branches Community Acupuncture (Up to 48% Off)

4 Branches Community Acupuncture


Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

$35 $19

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Select Local Merchants

  • Transcendent Chiropractic
    Rhonda Sturgeon, DC, of Transcendent Chiropractic believes that the human body is designed to heal naturally, from the inside out. It is this philosophy that underscores her nonforce approach to chiropractic care. Having received years of chiropractic care, Sturgeon has experienced the transformational effects of having pressure and stress holistically removed from the body's nervous system. She takes joy in healing injuries incurred from automobile accidents, sports, and gigs as Betty White's stunt double. She also treats poor posture using a synthesis of holistic techniques and medical knowhow. Transcendent Chiropractic is located inside Desert Bloom Acupuncture.
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    5630 East Pima Street
    Tucson, AZ US
  • The Fix Community Acupuncture
    The Fix Community Acupuncture owner Kelly LeGendre knows firsthand the healing potential of acupuncture. When her celiac disease went undiagnosed, Kelly turned to the holistic treatment for relief from her symptoms, which included depression and fatigue. Now a licensed acupuncturist herself, Kelly aspires to help others in similar fashion at her facility. There, Kelly and fellow practitioner Emily Thompson conduct acupuncture treatments in a community setting, similar to traditional sessions in Asia. They aim to alleviate an array of conditions, from back pain and insomnia to infertility and migraines.
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    7804 E Wrightstown Rd.
    Tucson, AZ US
  • A Time Of Healing
    At A Time of Healing, practitioner Felice DiAnna aims to boost clients' well-being by channeling chi, or life-force energy, in an effort to aid the body's natural ability to heal. During reiki sessions, she places her hands at strategic points on and above the body to rebalance the chakras and clear/heal the energy pathways thus allowing the life-force energy to flow in a healthy and natural way. This promotes recovery from a host of physical and emotional ailments. Reflexology sessions similarly help relax and heal clients, as Felice targets sources of disharmony through corresponding points on the feet and hands.
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    6300 E. El Dorado Plaza
    Tucson, AZ US
  • Middle Path Acupuncture
    Master of acupuncture and oriental medicine Stephen Wolf operates under the premise that illness represents an imbalance in the body, and he attempts to correct those imbalances with holistic treatments culled from ancient Asia. Combining acupuncture with herbal medicine and Chinese bodywork, Stephen tunes the body by attempting to harmonize the internal energy traditionally known as chi. By freeing up the body’s flow of chi and preventing pro wrestlers from entering the office and shouting, Stephen helps patients overcome a range of emotional and physical ailments.
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    6801 E Camino Principal
    Tucson, Arizona US
  • PerFit Pilates
    Tragedy struck PerFit Pilates' owner on New Year's Day 2008. Heart attacks claimed the lives of two loved ones. Two weeks later, she set out to shed the extra 50 pounds she'd been carrying around by enrolling in a personal training program. After a few years in the business, the personal trainer discovered Pilates, and PerFit Pilates was born. At the studio, she teaches almost exclusively reformer Pilates classes, but adds chair work to some classes, all in an effort to help folks bulwark themselves against the pitfalls of ill health.
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    6761 East Tanque Verde Road
    Tucson, AZ US
  • Butterfly Jazz Intuitive Arts
    Tamara Zenobia Coleman is an intuitive artist, a unique calling where she works as a healer through sound, dance, and the visual arts. Believing that sound and frequency are important parts of our physical and mental wellness, she offers private sound-healing sessions and larger sound healing workshops to help clients overcome energy imbalances. Offering intuitive readings and dance and movement workshops, she works to open her students' minds to the possibility that everything they need to heal either comes from within themselves or the mysterious box buried behind their house.
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    5425 E Broadway Blvd, Ste 276
    Tucson, AZ US