Korean Restaurants in Vermilion-on-the-Lake

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Wasabi Korean and Japanese Cuisine serves some of the best far-Eastern cuisine in all of Detroit. Culinary delicacies here include sushi so artfully arranged it’s practically a crime to defile and Korean kalbi that gives even the best western ribs a run for their money. Wasabi gives you an excellent bang for your buck on most menu items, making them an ideal candidate for regular takeout sushi and sashimi. Other takeout options at Wasabi include the deliciously varied lunch box, which features beef, salmon, rice, kimchi, and veggie rolls that are lovingly cooked and assembled to picturesque perfection. As to the drinks, Wasabi is one of the few places around to serve true-blue Japanese Sapporo, an interesting new taste for people who’ve never had Japanese beer before.

15 E Kirby St

In addition to a sensory-stimulating spread of Asian and American buffet fare, Royal Buffet & Grill offers a full menu of Chinese classics. At the hibachi grill, an accommodating chef slices and dices dishes to your liking, whether square, saucer, or obtuse-isosceles shaped. Adults pay $6.95 for the lunch buffet, $10.95 for dinner, and $5.50 to $7.99 for standalone entrees. Children under 3 eat for free and wicked witches trapped under houses can eat leftovers if they behave.

1930 Buchholzer Blvd

Sushi Kami's chefs bring the distinct flavors of Southeast Asia to metro Detroit as they craft entrees using Japanese and Korean cooking techniques. They carefully carve fresh eel and king crab into exotic maki, sushi, or specialty rolls. The multitalented chefs also assemble customized bento boxes during lunch service, filling each compartment with chicken katsu, sauce, and a series of smaller bento boxes.

16052 Eureka Rd