Fishing in Wailuku

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Reservations/Appointments: Required

Established: 2012

Staff Size: 2?10 people

Average Duration of Services: 2?4 hours

Parking: Parking lot

Handicap Accessible: Yes

Recommended Age Group: All Ages

Q&A with the Manager

What special training do you or your staff have?

Fishing and yacht chartering.

What is the one feature of your business that you're most proud of?

Providing customized private luxury chartering.

What?s your favorite part of your job?

Seeing people enjoy experience aboard the Spartan Queen.

1125-B1 Ala Moana Boulevard

Situated near the sterling Oahu coastline, Blue Ocean Safari is in the perfect position to offer ocean excursions galore. These come in the form of spearfishing, snorkeling, and free-diving outings, in which guests navigate the water without the use of scuba equipment. The eco-conscious outfit makes sure to only target invasive species on its spearfishing trips and equips guests with locally-made Hammerhead spearguns.

1201 Ala Moana Blvd

Humdinger Sportfishing's resident skipper, Jeff Fay, brings more than 40 years of deep-sea-fishing experience aboard his 37-foot fishing vessel. Passengers command the boat's supply of sturdy Penn International rods and reels, which can withstand the prodigious strength of tuna, blue marlin, and seahorses riding land horses. A proponent of conservationism and catch-and-release fishing, Jeff lets fishers take home their hard-fought nautical prizes but confers extra environmental brownie points on those who tag and release their catches, which helps to preserve populations and aids local research efforts.

73-1254 Old Homestead Road
Kailua Kona,