Mexican Restaurants in Kensington Place

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It's easy to forget where you are when you step into Casa Hacienda Grill. Vibrant ceramic tiles, murals of pastoral villages and women patting out tortillas, and adobe-textured archways create such a convincing portrait of Mexico that diners are liable to believe they've stumbled over the border. And all these colors and authentic touches spill onto the Grill's plates, too, tempting the senses with some of Mexico's most iconic flavors.

Complimentary chips and salsa kick things off with scoops of onions, cilantro, chili, and tomato?a spicy complement to a bowl of fruit-accented guacamole. The main course then unfolds with a mole-enchilada plate that features two tortillas stuffed with shredded chicken and smothered in a sweet-and-spicy mole sauce. To wash these down, Casa Hacienda, much like the best neighborhood lemonade stands, has 40 tequilas at its disposal, as well as Mexican import beers, specialty cocktails, and potent margaritas.

1264 East Dublin Granville Road