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Running with 1,500-pound bulls is inherently dangerous?the organizers of the stateside Running with the Bulls don't deny that. But that doesn't mean that the thrill of Pamplona has to come with the mistreatment of the animals, which is why participants who hit, slap, harass, or otherwise impede the progress of the bulls will be removed from the venue. With those distractions aside, spectators can focus on the essence of the run: watching 12 horn-swinging bulls dash through a quarter-mile course on the heels of runners who must have heard that this event was called Running with the Lambs. But the event gives the community more than elevated heart rates, as each three-day spectacle begins with a charity run that benefits Operation Hawkeye, an organization that supports the families of Special Operations forces who've been killed in combat.

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The Deuce duathlon ignites participants' competitive spirit throughout a 16-mile track carved into rugged terrains. Competitors race to the finish line on foot and on mountain bike, testing their endurance as they strive to outrun the competition and overly enthusiastic water boys. Between two 5K runs, participants bestride mountain bikes to conquer the challenging 10-mile course. This leg of the race pushes participants to their limits as they reach a maximum elevation of 5,347 feet, peddling through narrow single tracks, sharp corners, and grueling climbs.

After competitors sprint across the finish line, staffers dole out awards for men and women in a variety of categories. Instead of dividing racers up by age—the only age categories are "under 18" and "18 and older"—The Deuce tests all relay teams and single racers equally on their speed and agility.

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