Indian Restaurants in Yakima

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At Curry & Kabab Indian Restaurant, the chefs sauté diced cuts of meat and heat up their tandoor oven to char savory, tender kebabs. They cook pieces of lamb in a slightly sweet coconut curry, and serve goat Kashmir-style with chunks of apple, golden raisins, and a spicy cream sauce. To soak up these flavorful juices and curries, chefs prepare 11 styles of bread, such as paneer-stuffed naan, roti cooked in the tandoor oven, and bhatoora, which is made with a yogurt base.

The desserts offer flavors that are just as unique. Gulab jamun, for example, features condensed and powdered milk kneaded together into balls, deep-fried, and drenched in syrup. For drinks, the chefs serve up glasses of Punjabi chai as well as chilled rose milk—a beverage that's delicate and flavorful, much like a snowflake blown through a candy factory.

24023 104th Avenue Southeast