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15 Fun Things to Do When Bored

Friends singing karaoke together

We've been there: sitting around the house or staring at the TV, wondering if there's anything to do. If you're trying to figure out some fun things to do when bored, check out this list, complete with deals to sweeten the experience:

Woman watching 3D movie and eating popcorn


Go see a movie

One of the quintessential fun things to do when bored, catching a flick is the closest thing to instant entertainment. To save a little cash when you go to the cinema, check out our guide to scoring cheap movie tickets.

Closeup of a tiger's face


Fawn over cute animals at the zoo

Make some new friends, like the potbellied pigs, llamas, and mini-donkeys (!) at the Austin Zoo.

Women at a wine tasting


Detect notes of something during a wine tasting

The sommelier at your local winery would be happy to introduce you to new flavors—sweet or dry, white or red.

Friends singing karaoke together


Sing karaoke at your local bar

It's hard to be bored when you're belting out "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" in front of strangers. (Psst: see what professional DJs picked as the best karaoke songs for women and men.)

closeup of hand getting a manicure


Chill out with a manicure or a pedicure

We're feeling relaxed just thinking about it. If you’re looking for fun stuff to do when bored, a manicure is an especially good idea, especially if you've got an event coming up where you'll want to show off your nails.

Woman relaxing in a salt cave


Recharge at a local salt cave

Typically lined with Himalayan sea salt, these European-style caves are known to have therapeutic benefits. Chicagoland folks will love the salt cave in nearby Naperville.

Closeup of a sushi roll


Take a cooking class

From the cupcake-making class in the East Village to sushi-making classes in LA, cooking classes can be a tantalizingly delicious way to spend your day.

People playing laser tag


Dominate a game of laser tag

This is an especially good idea if you have kids that are bored—let 'em run around something like the laser arena at AirMaxx Trampoline Park in Minneapolis for a couple of hours.

Closeup of people trying to solve escape room puzzles


Show off your logic skills at an escape-room game.

Try an escape-room game, which challenge your logic and your teamwork skills with brain teasers and other puzzles, set against the backdrop of an exciting narrative. For example, at Escape This Dallas, you'll try to uncover a doctor's secret notes, which hold the cure to a deadly pathogenic virus.

Kid looking at a museum display of a fossil


Visit your local museum

Our favorites: the Field Museum in Chicago, the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, and the New York Hall of Science in NYC.

Woman rock climbing indoors


Try rock climbing (or take a class).

Never tried it before? Most rock-climbing gyms offer a "Learning to Boulder" class for first-timers. Customers especially like The Crag in Greater Nashville, earning a 4.9/5.0 rating from nearly 300 reviews.

Dog at the groomers


Clean your dog.

Is the dog smelling a little funky these days? Use this downtime to take it the groomers, who'll bathe it, trim its coat, and perhaps even check their teeth.

Man riding his bike off-road


Go for a bike ride

If it's a nice day, spend it exploring your town's bike trails. If you don't have a bike, rent one. We especially dig the bikes from FreeRide Surf & Skate Shop in Portland.

woman getting a shoulder tattoo


Be spontaneous and get that tattoo you've always wanted

Whether you want a heart with "mom" in the middle or a sweet dragon on your back, this could be the perfect time to (Here are some small-tattoo ideas to get you started.)

closeup of woman's arm and hand tattoos


Be responsible and get that awful tattoo removed

Whoops! We all make mistakes sometimes. Luckily, laser technicians can safely break apart the ink. It's better than doing nothing all day!

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