51% Off Window Cleaning or Gutter Cleaning

Metro Wide Cleaning

Overland Park(15.4 miles)

Cleaners scrub panes free of the grimy buildup that prevents homeowners from enjoying their view, or clear dirt and debris from gutters

$99 $49

54% Off Interior and Exterior Pest-Control Treatment

Pro Pest - Kansas City

Licensed technicians help protect homes by using eco- and pet-friendly products to eliminate infestations and prevent pests from returning

$149 $69

Up to 50% Off Carpet Cleaning

Azure Carpet Cleaning

Professional cleaners use a 7-step process—including prepping, shampooing, raking, and vacuuming—to rid carpet of dirt and stains

$320 $159

Up to 86% Off Duct and Vent Cleaning with Furnace Check-Up

Duct R Ours

Technicians improve homes’ air quality and boost heating systems’ efficiency by clearing dust and allergens from ducts and testing furnaces

$279 $39

Up to 72% Off Air-Filter Deliveries


Air-filter delivery service helps homeowners keep their indoor air clean with air-filter replacements

$14 $5

Up to 69% Off Carpet Cleaning

Spots Be Gone

Two-man crew cleanses carpets with dry-foam deep scrub that dries within 90 minutes

$109.95 $59

Up to 65% Off Mosquito Barrier Spray

Lawn Doctor of Olathe-Overland Park

Protect against mosquito infestations with this safe, effective barrier spray

$79 $29

50% Off Air-Conditioning Tune Up

Ideal Air Heating and Cooling

Licensed and insured business with drug-tested, background-checked, and non-smoking technicians

$109 $54

Up to 68% Off Window Cleaning from Triton Window Cleaning

Triton Window Cleaning

Technicians bring windows to streak-free shines by cleaning dust and grime from both sides of glass

$108 $49

Up to 50% Off from Prince Professional Window Cleaning

Prince Professional Window Cleaning

Technicians clean windows ,wells, tracks, and sills, inspect windows for leaks and damage, clean screens, and flush out gutters

$150 $75

50% Off from Carpet Clean King LLC

Carpet Clean King LLC

Technicians make carpets sparkle throughout the entire home with hot water cleaners

$300 $149

Up to 52% Off Mosquito-Control Treatment

Mosquito Joe- Johnson County Kansas

From the merchant: Organic solution designed to be safe for children and animals is applied in 30 minutes and can last up to three weeks

$79 $38

Up to 62% Off Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Lawn Doctor of Olathe-Overland Park

Using their trusty Turf Tamer, technicians fertilize a yard while simultaneously treating for weeds with eco-friendly products

$61 $29

50% Off from Pro Turf Lawn Service

Pro Turf Lawn Service


Professional lawncare techs keep grounds green with fertilization and weed control packages

$78 $39

51% Off Carpet Cleaning

Preferred Restoration and Cleaning

Professional cleaners inspect carpets for damage and stains before performing a deep rinse extraction to leave carpet fibers pristine

$375 $182

62% Off Weed Treatment

Weed Man Kansas City North

Licensed technicians draw upon years of experience as they eliminate weeds with EPA-approved products

$66 $25

Up to 50% Off Gutter Cleaning

Water-A-Way Guttering LLC

Technicians ensure homes can safely and efficiently shed water and can keep gutters free of leaves and debris with covers

$200 $99

Up to 51% Off Tropical Flower-Arranging Class

Flower Classroom

Blackhawk(9.3 miles)

Introductory class teaches design, care, and handling of tropical Hawaiian flowers

$100 $49

50% Off Lawn and Garden Care

Envy Lawn Care

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$50 $25

91% Off Home Energy Inspection and Air Sealing Package

Affordable Energy Solutions

Technicians come to homes to do an energy analysis and measure air leakage that can lead to high heating and cooling bills if ignored

$400 $35

Up to 71% Off Garage-Door Tune-Up Services

Sears Garage Doors

During garage-door tune-ups, technicians check more than 300 moving parts to ensure doors work properly

$134.95 $39

Up to 64% Off Weed-Control Treatment

Weed Man

Licensed technicians draw upon years of experience as they eliminate weeds with EPA-approved products

$69 $25

55% Off Rug and Carpet Cleaning

Kc Easy Clean

Low-moisture carpet cleaning can dry within one hour; very efficient with stains

$150 $68

Up to 70% Off from Garage Door Service Co.

Garage Door Service Co.

Technicians identify issues with garage doors, perform preventative maintenance, and make suggestions if more work is needed

$129 $39

45% Off at B&J's Contracting, Remodeling, and Lawn Service

B&j Contracting, Remodeling And Lawn Service

From the merchant: Application of winterizing fertilizer that will encourage early spring green up; valid for lawn up to 6,000 square feet

$82 $45

45% Off Tree Care Services

Ward Tree Care

From the merchant: Tree care services

$250 $138

50% Off Driveway Seal Coating

Parking Connection

Specialists fill in cracks with a rubberized filler before spreading a seal coat over the driveway for a like-new surface

$200 $99.99

Up to 60% Off Carpet or Duct Cleaning

Mr. Cleanz

Experts use a hot water extraction method to lift soil from carpets or remove dust, mold, and allergens from ducts to improve air quality

$180 $89

84% Off Home Air-Duct Cleaning

Carr and Sons Cleaners

Specialists clean an unlimited number of supply vents and one cold-air return vent; complimentary A/C or furnace check-up included

$300 $49

Up to 51% Off Window Cleaning

Window Genie

Trained techs clean dirt, grease, and airborne contaminants from windows or remove and bag debris from gutters

$100 $49

Up to 77% Off Home or Deck Pressure Washing

A1 Custom Construction, LLC.

Technicians clean home exteriors and driveways or decks with high-pressure water that blasts away dirt and grime

$300 $95

45% Off HVAC Inspection

Fair Air Llc

A multipoint inspection of your air-conditioning system

$118 $65

50% Off at D&S Professional Carpet Cleaning

D&S Professional Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Specialists

Carpet cleaning specialists offer a full suite of services that includes upholstery and tile cleaning, carpet stretching, and more

$100 $50

50% Off HVAC System Cleaning


$100 off any air duct cleaning services.

$200 $100

Up to 79% Off Home Security System from Secure USA

Secure USA

Home security experts install window contacts and LCD panels, motion detectors, and remote appliance and temperature controls

$1,076 $249

51% Off a Furnace Tuneup

American Home Services LLC

Techs prepare furnaces for cool weather by replacing the filter, cleaning interior and exterior components, and checking for safety

$99 $49

Up to 66% Off HVAC at Mortan Man

Mortan Man

From the merchant: check that a/c before the heat turns on

$100 $49

48% Off an HVAC Cleaning and Inspection

Res-q Services

From the merchant: A/C inspection with cleaning; we do a full inspection on your air conditioning unit

$105 $55

66% Off Air-Duct Cleaning from American Floor Care

American Floor Care LLC

Trained specialists use truck-mounted equipment to clear air ducts of dust, debris & allergens

$175 $59

51% Off AC and Furnace Checkup

Bill Dean Mechanical

Technician inspects your furnace and air conditioner to ensure comfortable temperatures

$99.50 $49

55% Off Vent Service

Alex Heating & Cooling, Llc

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$89 $40

51% Off HVAC Checkup and Furnace Cleaning

Carr & Sons, LLC

Technicians use company supplies to check on HVAC systems and to clean furnaces

$99 $49

75% Off from Attic Report Card

Attic Report Card

Inspectors grade attics and make recommendations based on insulation, ventilation, and whether cavities or animal infestations exist

$199 $49

59% Off Plumbing Services

Water Works Plumbing

A plumber with more than 40 years of experience fixes a toilet and inspects plumbing throughout the house

$145 $59

50% Off Home Energy Inspection

Pro Builders Of Kc

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$100 $50

51% Off Garage-Door Service Call

Carr & Sons, LLC

Techs head to clients homes in order to service faulty garage doors and keep them in working order

$100 $49

80% Thermal-Camera Energy Evaluation

R-Mech Heating Cooling & Plumbing

Thermal imaging can identify energy-loss locations

$250 $49

Part of our expanded, competitively-priced selection