Sightseeing in Abilene

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  • The Grace Museum
    The Grace Museum builds connections through new experiences in art, science and history within the evolving Texas story through its exhibitions, programs and collections.
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    102 Cypress St
    Abilene, TX US
  • Scurry County Museum
    Scurry County Museum offers a window into the county's past that's equally useful for locals and tourists. The permanent exhibit showcases a timeline of the county's development, highlighting everything from buffalo hunting to the oil boom. Rotating exhibits explore historical realities such as homemaking in the frontier days. Visitors can shop for unique gifts in the museum store, stocked with books, mugs, T-shirts, and other specialty items.
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    6200 College Ave.
    Snyder, TX US
  • Railway Museum
    The Railway Museum of San Angelo transports visitors back in time to 1888 with its a wealth of exhibits on the area's rich train history. Guests wander through exhibits filling the historic Orient-Santa Fe Depot, which was built in 1909 and bid adieu to its last passenger train in 1965. Inside the depot, guests can pore over artifacts such as switch machines, dinnerware used in the luxury streamliners, and railroad equipment. They can also gaze at old photos in the history gallery and model railroad layouts with miniature train tracks and buildings the same size they were in the 1800s.
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    703 S Chadbourne St
    San Angelo, TX US
  • San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts
    The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts dedicates itself to educating the public and preserving the heritage of West Texas through a permanent collection of contemporary art and numerous temporary exhibits. With a Supporter membership, patrons receive a bevy of benefits, including free admission, invitations to all galas and lectures, and members-only rentals of the museum's scenic terrace, an ideal birthday-party venue for any art critic, sculptor, or paintbrush. The museum is renowned for its extensive collection of ceramics, as well as its displays of contemporary and folk artwork from influential local artists including Vernon Fisher, Emma Lee Moss, and Harding Black. Among three new temporary exhibitions opening April 15, Different Directions: Coming Together in Clay showcases the works of a quartet of contemporary ceramicists, and The Tile Club?Artists of America?s Aesthetic Movement displays the sculptures, prints, and tiles of a band of 19th-century New York?based muse-wranglers.
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    1 Love Street
    San Angelo, TX US
  • Black Swan Wine Bar
    The ebony- and ivory-toned Black Swan Wine Bar treats palates to a multifarious cheese menu of Northern Hemisphere?culled curds sided with small snacks. Canadian-aged cheddar and Danish-aged Gouda entertain with salty quips and wheel-borne wisdom for new tasters, while French-bred blue cheese and creamy brie pair for a smooth and sophisticated pungent effect. Unlike cotswald, a firm variety of gloucester cheese, semi-soft English blue stilton crumbles under pressure from prodding tongues and relentless Cutco knife salesmen. Curdled from the milk of Manchega sheep, slightly piquant Spanish manchego caresses taste receptors with its creamy texture and exotic bleat, as nibblers alternate between fromage bites and complementary olives, grapes, and crackers.
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    118 South Chadbourne Street
    San Angelo, TX US
  • Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company
    In 1885, behind the counter of Wade Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store on the corner of Six Shooter Junction in Waco, Texas, pharmacist Charles Adlerton was struck by an idea. After observing how much patrons loved the combined scent of the many ingredients hidden within the soda fountain, he decided to create a drink that captured all their properties. He wound up inventing Dr. Pepper, and after one sip, Dublin Bottling Works owner Sam Houston Prim knew he wanted to sell it. Though the famous drink and plant have since parted ways, Dublin Bottling Works continues to celebrate that original legacy by crafting pure-cane-sugar sodas in chilled glass bottles, the way their employees have for more than 100 years. Today, the bottlers' products find their way onto shelves all around the nation, and they invite visitors to come watch them while they work. They lead tours through their historic plant and the memorabilia-laden museum that now occupies their original offices. At the end of the tour, they make a stop in Old Doc's Soda Shop, where visitors can sample their products from an old fashioned soda fountain and buy bottled goods to drink at home or shake vigorously and then offer to neighbors who keep eating your newspapers.
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    105 E Elm St
    Dublin, TX US

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