Auto Detailing in Avenal

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  • Sparkling Image
    The Best car wash pampers transporters with a shine-restoring exterior wash and detailed interior de-gunking. Car caretakers ensure that carriages are cleaned from their hard exoskeletons to soft underbellies to mate-attracting rims before interior vacuuming and dusting removes all remnants of Cheerios explosions and land barnacles. Dashboard, console, door, and cup-holder conditioning returns auto interiors to a fresh-picked state, while Rain-X protectant seals vehicle exteriors against moisture, preventing rust, improving windshield visibility, and shielding them from the environment's pummeling fists. A tire shine matches rotating rubber to trendy patent-leather streets, and human handlers give cars a final soft-cloth rubdown, making sure all the essential oils get absorbed into their thick skins. Best of all, Sparkling Image offers a seven day guarantee: bring your car (and receipt) back within seven days of your service and they will wash and clean it again for free. A $2 surcharge applies to trucks and SUVs.
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    3951 Wible Road
    Bakersfield, CA US
  • Port of Subs
    In 1975, after lending his expertise to the owners of a sub shop in Sparks, Nevada, public accountant John Larsen realized that his true calling was right beneath his nose?and it smelled delicious. Larsen wanted to make sandwiches, and it wasn?t long before locals eagerly supported his dream. A community-wide contest helped to name Larsen?s enterprise Port of Subs, a name that now, after nearly four decades, graces approximately 140 locales. Each shop has a crew of sandwich makers that prepares subs to order in front of customers, piling freshly sliced meats between toasted bread with hand-painted grill marks. Cold subs feature filling combinations such as roast beef and provolone or peppered pastrami and swiss, available on wheat, white, or sourdough bread. Oven-baked grillers enclose barbecue pulled pork, new york steak and cheese, and other savory meats. In addition to feeding the locals, Port of Subs partners with community organizations for fundraisers and other events.
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    1164 N Front St
    Earlimart, CA US
  • Red Carpet Car Wash
    Red Carpet Car Wash's veteran cleaners will lovingly wash, hand-dry, and hand-shake your ride with water-wicking Neoglide foam wash, which is designed to be both gentle on your car's clear-coat paint and tough on dirt, leaving your auto's body looking brilliantly bright. Beyond developing a sparkling exterior, your vehicle will receive equally diligent care on the interiors of all windows, as well as a full interior dusting, wipe-down, and vacuuming. The friendly folks at Red Carpet are so generous that they'll even rescue the bugs from your windshield, allowing you to make tiny wishes on each one they set free. You'll know your car is finished when you look into the fully buffed exterior and see a reflection of your younger self, just like a grown-up Peter Pan imagining what his life would have been like had he stayed in Neverland.
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    1920 S Mooney Blvd
    Visalia, CA US
  • Great American Car Wash
    At Great American Car Wash, dexterous carriage cleansers speedily refurbish dirt-encrusted vehicles with diligent washes. Cars careen through the automatic vestibule, where robotic scrubbers loosen dirt and tickle the underbelly, all within five minutes or fewer. Once the mechanical crew has done its job, the shop's meticulous detailing team takes over to douse paint in carnauba wax, treat windows to helpings of Rain-X, and vacuum and air-freshen interiors. Because maintaining a clean car may help prevent illnesses and allergies, monthly passes are offered to make sprucing up vehicles quick and easy. For certain packages, the shop hands out free rewashes within three days, granting messy roadsters a mulligan after an unexpected rainstorm or off-road trip through a sloppy-joe festival.
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    3854 N Blackstone Ave
    Fresno, CA US
  • Surf Thru Express Car Wash
    Surf Thru Express's speedy, automated onslaught of hoses, soaps, and delicate fabrics makes quick work of car filth in a WaterSavers-certified facility dominated by Ecolab products. For starters, the Ultimate wash unleashes a waterfall of Blue Coral triple foam to eliminate spots and wash away debris. Rain-X, the next best thing to real rain, keeps wheels and surfaces protected from the elements, and a coating of Black Magic tire shine douses road-weary tires with the same enchanting color you get by stuffing a rainbow in a blender. After WipeOut clear-coat shine adds a layer of sparkle, a spot-free rinse and power dry finish the exterior cleansing, and an air freshener and a free vacuuming ensure the insides stay fresh and especially sniffable. To guard against unexpected dust storms or pudding showers, the Ultimate wash includes a four-day guarantee to keep autos at the peak of their beauty.
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    4140 North 1st Street
    Fresno, CA US
  • Belmont Car Wash
    Belmont Car Wash pampers petrol steeds with its auto-gleaming services and eco-friendly car-care products. Cars sullied from extended treks through town pudding fields can shed dirtying debris with the deluxe car wash, which smothers buggies in a sudsy coat of Envirosoft foam body wash and seals in the shine with a triple-polish wax. Your autobeast's rubber road slippers also receive a rejuvenating Sonic wheel-and-tire cleanse before they're dressed to the quads in a hi-gloss tire dressing. After dappering up the exterior, Belmont's desulliers will tackle the interior, clearing the car's auto nooks and crannies of dirt, debris, and remnants of Lilliputian parades and depositing a fragrant spritz of air freshener to attract suitable mates. Those looking for a quick cleaning trip can opt for the full-service wash, which keeps cars glinty and glamorous with a body wash, tire cleaning, and scrub down.
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    5594 E Belmont Ave
    Fresno, CA US