Fitness Classes in Beaumont

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  • CrossFit Awaken
    Combining the individual attention of personal training with the supportive environment of a group class, CrossFit Awaken's instructors lead workouts designed to provide an accessible challenge for students of all fitness levels. They provide feedback throughout each session, ensuring that everyone practices safe, proper form while allowing attendees to scale the load and intensity of each exercise as they see fit. Each high-intensity workout is designed to help patrons improve their functional movements in every-day life?such as lifting, running, throwing, and jumping?with a combination of exercises to enhance their strength, stamina, and flexibility. And although every workout begins with stretching and a brief warm-up, no two workouts are ever the same. One day, a workout might include squats to help guests travel quickly up stairs, and the next it might include medicine-ball tosses to help them hoist heavy objects. However, the CrossFit regimen doesn't focus on physical fitness alone. The workouts also promote healthy minds and bodies by helping students push themselves to new heights and develop the mental fortitude needed to make healthy lifestyle changes.
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    244 Maple Avenue
    Beaumont, CA US
  • Anytime Fitness - Beaumont
    Anytime Fitness, which boasts more than 1,800 clubs in North America, makes it easier for average folks to etch out time for exercise by doing one simple thing: staying open 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. As fitness seekers challenge themselves on cardio and Hammer Strength machines and hoist Iron Grip free weights in clean, well-stocked facilities, security monitoring ensures they?re safe and producing enough sweat to meet official government standards. Members can also ramp up their exercise regimens with the help of Anytime Fitness?s staff of personal trainers, who demonstrate moves and sling motivating tips. After workouts, guests can shower in the private restrooms or hop into one of the tanning booths available 24 hours a day.
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    1620 East 2nd Street
    Beaumont, CA US
  • Tumble City
    Born into a family of acrobats, sisters Cheryl and Wendy were almost destined to somersault before they could walk. The pair eventually founded Tumble City as a way to share their passion for acrobatic performance arts with children of all ages and skill levels. Coaches teach everything from gymnastics and cheerleading to trampoline and tumbling classes. Regardless of the focus, every lesson builds self-confidence in addition to developing physical skills. Acrobatics and fitness training can prepare students for competitions, although the ultimate goal is to foster lifelong appreciation for active lifestyles.
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    1096 5th Street
    Calimesa, CA US

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