Zumba in Chesapeake

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  • Mambo Room
    The fun vibe in Mambo Room’s dance classes and weekly socials isn’t a coincidence. The studio’s instructors hope that by sharing cultural dance in a pressure-free environment they will create a community that genuinely loves to bust a move without feeling self-conscious. With these passionate teachers at the helm, students hone fancy footwork in classes that range from salsa and bachata to Afro-Cuban to Zumba. At weekly socials, students can showcase their newly acquired moves to get comfortable leading and following with partners of all skill levels, giving their poor broom a well-deserved night off.
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    2200 Colonial Ave Ste 4
    Norfolk, VA US
  • Total Fitness Newport News
    Designed to meet the five pillars of optimum fitness—cardio, resistance training, food intake, vitamins, and professional assistance—Total Fitness helps elite athletes and couch potatoes alike achieve their health and weight-loss goals. Personalized-training sessions are the mainstay of the program, with certified trainers designing fitness plans that cater to each individual’s goals and abilities. Athletes wanting to improve their performance in a specific sport—or even a specific position—can enroll in Sports Strength Camp or boot camps.
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    6120 Jefferson Ave
    Newport News, VA US
  • Atomic Fitness 360,llc
    Though Atomic Fitness 360,llc's fusion boot-camp classes change location throughout the month, each is focused on the same sweat-inducing circuit-training workout. The fitness company also offers other avenues to fitness: coaches may encourage students to dance away calories during group Zumba sessions, or find their own path to fitness during one-on-one personal training sessions. Understanding that fitness is just a part of wellness, Atomic's coaches also provide advice in the planning and preparation of healthy meals, and weight-loss coaching for clients of all ages.
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    5 Armistead Pointe Pkywy
    Hampton, VA US
  • Fusion Fitness, llc
    Equipment: Attached Wall Barre, balls, bands, disc, light weights Students should bring: Bottle of water, small mat ( no yoga mats) Average class length: 30?60 minutes Number of Staff: 1?5 people Class location: Indoors only Established: 2014 Registration required: Yes Good for beginners: Yes Guests allowed: Yes Parking: Parking lot Pro Tip: Dress comfortably. No exposed mid-section or backs. No shorts permitted. Q&A with Donna Mccoy, Certified Personal Trainer/owner Exercise is challenging, and people frequently give up on their fitness routines. How do you keep clients motivated? I try to make the workouts fun, effective and safe. I constantly change the routines around to challenge both their minds and body. I never have them do the same identical workout each time they come. That doesn't mean that I never repeat a movement, but the sequence is always different. Combine that with a little humor and your hour will fly by as the sweat drips off. What is a typical session of your program or class like for a student? Each workout will begin with a warm-up and then a series of non-impactive movements designed to cause muscle fatique and burn. Each series of exercises is designed to make the muscles shake with fatigue but recover quick. The focus is to lengthen and strengthen the entire body through the use of the wall barre, bands, disc, light weights and small balls. They are guided through their movements with very precise verbal and visual cues. The trainer demonstrates all the movements so it is easy to follow, and participants can get the very most out of the workout, even on their first session. Corrections are made throughout the entire workout with no interruptions, either with visual or verbal correction. When and how did you first develop a passion for fitness? I started my fitness career more than 30 years ago. While pregnant with my first child, i gained 33 pounds. After I gave birth I needed to lose the extra weight and tighten my body back up. I worked on cleaning up my diet and began running. Three months later I was fitter than I was before I got pregnant. I was inspired by the increase in energy and my new wardrobe. I began teaching classes at a local health club, certified to teach jazzercise and was on my way to sharing fitness internationally. I began to study and certify in different fitness, nutrition, personal training programs because I wanted to help other have healthier, happier lives. Educating myself in every aspect possible became an obsession. Now, 33 years later with more than 15 different certification I am able to design various programs for all levels of fitness andlove helping people have healthier lifestyles and habits. My success is their success and smiles. width=
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    616 Virginia Beach Blvd Unit 105
    Virginia Beach, VA US
  • Rants Ballroom Company
    Marie Rants, owner of Rants Ballroom Company, distills a lifetime of dance experience into each of her classic and modern classes. She draws from her classical training as a ballet dancer in her ballet classes and pours every credit hour of her bachelor of arts in dance from Old Dominion University into tango, cha-cha, and salsa classes. Her fleet-footed prowess further extends to swing classes, where students learn to dance the charleston to impress friends or the lindy-hop to bypass laser security systems during jewel heists.
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    3912 Virginia Beach Blvd.
    Virginia Beach, VA US
  • A.M. Fitness Groove
    For A.M. Fitness Groove owner and head instructor Ajia Maximillian, working out should be a party that you look forward to, not something you dread at the end of the day. To that end, she opened her dance-fitness studio to spice up workouts, while catering to the busy schedule of New Yorkers. Sessions start at 6:30 a.m., allowing students to burn calories during a Zumba or boot-camp class before heading into work as the mayor’s bagel tester. Ajia also offers “express” midday classes that easily squeeze into a lunch break, with the hope that clients can get their workout in during the day, leaving time for friends, family, and relaxation in the evenings. And to boost energy levels and overall fun, she infuses her up-tempo dance classes with elements from her background in West African drumming, hip-hop, and Congolese dancing.
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    105-107 Chambers St
    New York, NY US