Personal Development in Fitchburg, WI

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  • Creando Little Language Explorers
    Signature service: Language immersion classes for children Established: 2013 Reservations/Appointments: Recommended Staff Size: 2–10 people Average Duration of Services: 1–2 hours width=
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    Madison, WI US
  • Rusty Wallace Racing Experience
    2013 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee Rusty Wallace allows amateurs to feel first-hand how a real race car rumbles as its tires scorch a professional speedway. Participants can either ride shotgun with an experienced driver or hop behind the wheel to tackle the track themselves. For more of the genuine experience, drivers don the full array of safety gear before climbing or vaulting through the window, including a sleek racing suit, helmet, and HANS neck-protection device.
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    Oregon, WI US
  • Wisconsin Aviation Academy, Inc.
    Wisconsin Aviation, Inc may have started small in 1981, but you'd never guess it now. The flight school today boasts a fleet of about 20 airplanes, ranging from two-seat trainers to jets that offer a luxurious flying experience that rivals being carried on a palanquin by bald eagles. Some aircraft are best for charter flights, others for rentals, and still others—the 110-horsepower Cessna 152, for instance—for flight lessons. These lessons help aviation students obtain their private pilots license and feature both flight and ground-school instruction with an instructor. For learning about risky situations, there's also an ultra-lifelike flight simulator.
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    Janesville, WI US
  • Whitewater Hang Gliding
    Sportations connects amateur adrenaline jockeys to certified professional adventurers, drawing from a nationwide network of aeronauts and speed demons to introduce habitual pedestrians to the wonders of skydiving, ballooning, hang gliding, and stock-car racing. Thrill seekers can zipline across a forest canopy, hollering like Tarzan or taunting nearby birds until they agree to race. Helicopter tours ferry patrons skyward over landmarks and cityscapes, whereas paragliding adventures get up close and personal with blue skies and clouds. For most sports, Sportations accommodates groups of any size, from physics classes empirically proving gravity's existence to solo ballooning supervillains declaring dominion over all they see.
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    Whitewater, WI US
  • Wisconsin Hang Gliding LLC
    A three-decade veteran hang glider, Wisconsin Hang Gliding owner Rik brings professionalism to the skies with his experience as a rated tandem instructor and tug pilot. From his outfit’s base at Gutzmer’s Twin Oaks Airport, Rik passes along his wisdom to rookies and advanced gliders alike with an array of lessons, covering everything from basic controls to inaugural solo flights. Before entertaining ambitions of soaring through the clouds and trampolining into space off the Goodyear blimp, curious customers first can sign up for a tandem discovery flight for an introductory glimpse of winged freedom alongside an instructor.
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    Whitewater, WI US
  • Great Lakes Hang Gliding
    At Great Lakes Hang Gliding, people can fly like eagles. Much like baby eagles who start off watching from the safety of the nest, beginners benefit from a little expert help. Before their initial tandem flight, aspiring gliders learn basic flight techniques and safety procedures before they are towed to altitude by a plane. Of course, as the name implies, they'll spend that first flight strapped safely to their instructor. After getting their air legs, gliders that want to fly solo can take certification classes on site from the same trusty instructors.
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    Whitewater, WI US