Life in Fresno moves at a fast pace, and sometimes a massage or spa treatment is the only thing that reduces stress after a hard day. The city has dozens of different nail salons, hair salons and day spas that offer special treatments, beauty packages and massages, to name a few. A Fresno day spa often provides all of these services and a few others.

Those who like the look of a fresh manicure can visit one of the city's best nail salons. Nail salons usually offer manicures and pedicures, but some offer salon-worthy treatments, including facials and massages. Few things in life feel as good as relaxing hands or feet in a mixture of warm water or feeling the nail tech expertly apply that first coat of polish. Some of the best nail salons in Fresno include Estancia, Aqua Nails and Queen Bee.

Even those who do not care about how their nails look still care about their hair. One person might need a trim before a big job interview, while someone else wants a fresh new look. Estancia is a full-service day spa, offering haircuts, manicures and other procedures. While Strands may not offer nail services, it does have a trained staff of hair technicians who can give anyone a new hairstyle. The Loft is another popular spot in town, because the trained beauticians listen to what a customer wants before cutting a single hair on that person's head.

Getting a Fresno massage is the ultimate way to unwind. The best salons in the city offer multiple types of massages, including couples' massage, full body massage and hot stone massage. Jenn Guerra CMT is one of the top salons in Fresno because Guerra creates a relaxing environment for customers, with low lights and aromatherapy candles. The combination of scent and massage will turn anyone to putty.

A Fresno day spa can provide an out of this world experience for anyone who feels frazzled or hassled. With outstanding Fresno hair salons and day spas, residents can always feel radiant.

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