Rolfing in Hercules

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  • Certified Rolfer Jed Bentley
    Since everyone experiences life through one medium?their bodies?professional Rolfer Jed Bentley uses his hands-on skills to ensure those bodies are in good working order. As a certified Rolfer, Jed has studied the ways in which all parts of the body are connected, and he knows how to correct ailments with manual adjustments of the fascia?the body's connective tissue. When fascia constricts, it causes bodily pain and poor posture. Once it has been adjusted during a Rolfing session, the body can stand taller and straighter without any additional effort and with less pain. Jed emphasizes that Rolfing addresses emotional troubles as well as physical ones?clients should be open to long-lasting emotional change as well as physical, usually within a few months. Clients who wish to better acquaint themselves with the Rolfing process can peruse the FAQ here.
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    2428 Dwight Way
    Berkeley, CA US
  • Turning Point Acupuncture and Feldenkrais
    Acupuncture is a 2,500 year old form of medicine from China which in the United States has become a leading choice for the treatment of pain and hundreds of other conditions. During a typical treatment very thin, solid, hair like needles are placed with little or no sensation at specific points on the body. The stimulation
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    1611 San Pablo
    Berkeley, CA US
  • Samadhi Bodywork
    The word samadhi is a Sanskrit word that means "the experience of deep meditation." Samadhi Bodywork is an integrative mind-body massage that is profoundly relaxing, and deeply synchronizes body, heart, and mind. Rooted in Deep Tissue Massage, Somatic-Experiencing (SE), Cranial-Sacral Therapy, and Tibetan meditation, this process catalyzes authentic embodied transformation. Samadhi awakens one's energy-body, and brings one into the meditative state in which one can access their deep inner potential. Along with massage modalities that include Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial Release, Adam also offers embodiment coaching and somatic counseling.
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    2811 College Avenue
    Berkeley, CA US
  • Vitality Health Service
    At Vitality Health Services, patients achieve their health goals with the help of Dr. Rishi Shahani's cadre of considerate, professional chiropractic professionals. During the eight-point chiropractic consultation, a trained therapist delves into your health history with an emphasis on events, conditions, and poorly executed cannonballs that could be affecting the well-being of your hindside. The ensuing 60-minute Swedish massage is tailored to tame specific symptoms using a combination of five different strokes to tap, knead, lift, and vibrate cantankerous columns. Relax as muscles are soothed, stimulated, and encouraged to try spot-on Slinky mimicking down stadium stairs.
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    3622 Thornton Ave
    Fremont, CA US
  • Rami Kouhana Holistic Healing and Bodywork
    Rami Kouhana has devoted the last 20 years of his life healing others using holistic therapies. He combines bodywork, energy work, therapeutic movements, and meditation practices into custom sessions that combat chronic pain, both physical and mental. Sessions can include a shiatsu massage or yoga poses supplemented with spiritual life coaching. Rami also is well versed in tai chi and dance.
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    2443 Ash Street
    Palo Alto, CA US