When celebrating life’s milestones—proms, bachelor/ette parties, weddings, family reunions, switching bodies with a parent and learning a valuable lesson—a party-bus rental can be one of the most fun ways to do it. You get an endlessly customizable space that’s as wholesome or as decadent as you want it to be. And where else can you drink and “drive” in complete safety, or be seen while sightseeing? But the truth is you don’t even need a reason to rent a party bus. Picture this: instead of jostling for a bartender’s attention and yelling over strangers, you and your friends can create a built-for-you nightlife alternative—maybe even for a lower cost than a typical night out (depending on how many people you invite). If you plan to rent a party bus, here’s how to bring the most party to the bus: Choosing a Party-Bus Theme A clever theme can elevate your mobile party from fun to legendary. Even if it’s not apropos to the event you're celebrating, a random unifying concept—one of our personal favorites is everyone dresses like famed painter of “happy little trees” Bob Ross—will instantly grab the attention of passersby and result in some unforgettable selfies. Whatever you pick, though, keep it simple. Space will be limited. Plus, the time it takes to set up comes out of the time you've booked (don't forget, you'll need to take it all down again at night's end). Recommended Decorations: Balloons, streamers, and banners are all easy to tape up and pull down later without incurring a cleaning fee. Also, don’t overlook the advantage of having a TV in the bus; you can add to the atmosphere with movies or photo slideshows. Recommended Costumes: Masks, wigs, hats, and custom T-shirts are always smart options, since they can be removed easily and free guests to dress to their own comfort level. Recommended Themes: You’re limited only by your imagination. Party-Bus Games Avoid any games that are too elaborate or stationary. So leave the Twister to uncomfortable job interviews and bring along one of these games instead: Party-Bus Food and Drink Ideas When planning the menu, it's best to think more along the lines of a cocktail party than a dinner party. So keep the snacks light and easy and not too messy. Bring a variety of finger foods—around five types for non-mealtimes, eight for mealtimes. When calculating how much food to make, expect every guest to have two of each. As for drinks, a sound policy is to bring enough so that everyone can have two drinks during the first hour and one drink per hour after that. Food Recommendations: Baguette slices with brie on top, homemade caramel popcorn, or chips with chunky guacamole. Drink Recommendations: Pitchers of homemade margaritas work well (just bring a lid), as do easy-to-mix classics like rum and coke. Bring a variety of options and avoid red wine (in case of sudden stops). Mixing Your Party-Bus Playlist This really depends on your taste and personality. If you’re the type who tends your iTunes like a garden, bring your phone and an auxiliary cable and play DJ all night long. If you’d rather mingle, make it easy on yourself and ask the rental company which satellite stations or streaming apps are available. Booking Your Bus Bus sizes range from compact models that hold around 10 people to stretch models that can accommodate upward of 30. Always get more space than your invite list requires, though. For example: inviting 20 friends? Get the 30-person bus. There are a couple reasons for this: 1) many companies have fewer mid-size buses and 2) if you make a friend during one of the night’s stops, you can invite them along without overloading the bus and irritating your guests. Likewise, book at least an hour longer than you think you’ll need. This gives you some stress-reducing flexibility and allows you to ready the bus for return without feeling rushed. Planning Your Route Your party bus likely won't have a bathroom—and even if it does, you’re in an enclosed space (no one wants to be a literal party pooper). So include a steady cadence of pit stops along your route, whether at bars (bonus: extra drinks) or local landmarks (bonus: photo ops). Like the many other things they have in common, kids and heavy drinkers will both need to stop more often, about once every 30–45 minutes.  Are You Forgetting Anything? One thing to always keep in mind when planning a night on a party bus: you need to bring everything. Here’s a ready-made checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything:  
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