Amusement Parks in Kentucky

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  • Asylum Haunted Scream Park
    Paintball Asylum's more than 40 acres of playing fields beckon competitors to duck and dive behind bunkers or dart through buildings. Visitors paint opponents' chest canvases with acrylic bullets on two turf air-ball fields, playing high-speed games that resemble professional teams or replays of pickup games on fast-forward. The village field challenges players as they skulk over two bridges, through several buildings, and around three cars. Meanwhile, 20 acres of wooded fields scattered with bunkers offer an expansive space to reign victorious over an opposing team and act out the last scene of Hamlet in the shade of an oak tree. A fully stocked pro shop arms players with acrylic artillery, and teams can swing by Paintball Asylum for tournaments, clinics, and scenario games hosted throughout the year.
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    3101 Pond Station Rd
    Louisville, KY US
  • Gattitown
    Load up a pizza with all of your favorite topping at Lexington's Gattitown. Eating right doesn't have to be hard. Head to Gattitown for a healthy or gluten-free meal. The pizzeria is about as noisy as it gets — plan for booming speakers and chatty crowds everywhere. Feed the gang at your next get-together with catering from Gattitown as well. For easy dining, Gattitown provides convenient parking in a connecting lot. Your tab at Gattitown will usually run to about $30 per guest. No need to sweat your schedule — the pizzeria is open 24 hours a day.
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    2524 Nicholasville Rd
    Lexington, KY US
  • Beech Bend Amusement Park and Splash Lagoon
    Beech Bend Amusement Park and Splash Lagoon is a tribute to the infinity of fun. It would take days, if not an unending stretch of days, to try out every attraction at the sprawling park, situated on 379 acres along the Barren River. Below, check out some highlights of the verdant, inviting, and (once again) totally endless park. The roller coasters: The tallest one, the Kentucky Rumbler, features a downright majestic drop. For younger kids unaccustomed to controlled plummets, there's also the gently looping Dragon Coaster. The thrill rides: Riders soar over three stories on the hand painted Bluegrass Breeze Swing Carousel. Air race simulates acrobatic flight with loops, drops, and accelerations of over 3Gs up to 30 feet above the ground. The water slides: There's a technicolor tangle of them, spiraling down into the cool waters of Splash Lagoon. The water: For the kids, Beech Bend features Lotta Wotta Island, the park's original four-level children's play structure. The "Lazy River" may not be so lazy, after all, since it passes through the Surf's Up Wave Pool. The free attractions: Free live shows are offered daily, and the petting zoo is open to all visitors. The tradition: The park was originally built in 1898, and while it's certainly been modernized since then (hello, wave pool!), you're not the first to explore its wonders. That honor belongs to Mr. Leonardo da Vinci.
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    798 Beech Bend Park Road
    Bowling Green, KY US
  • The Ozone
    Neon lights create an eerie atmosphere at The Ozone Laser Tag. The 4,000-square-foot arena hides warriors firing laser weapons back and forth, striking opponents in an all-out spree. In addition to high-energy laser battles, the center provides arcade games and snacks to help fighters rejuvenate, and handicap-accessible play helps get everyone involved in the fun.
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    533 Triplett St.
    Owensboro, KY US
  • Circus Mojo
    Paul Miller has been laughed at for most of his life. Not in the sad, pity-inducing way, but as a touring member of the Ringling Bros. Circus where he steered the clown car and strode upon stilts, charming audience members with his comedic exploits. Eventually, however, he wanted to extend the circus's reach—not only to those who yearned for a chance to fly on the trapeze, but to people who, by virtue of their age, background, or disability, doubted their capacity to do so. He created Circus Mojo as a noncompetitive venue for absolutely anyone interested in the big-top arts to discover and showcase their own “mojo,” conducting lessons with a joint emphasis on physical feats and creativity. Circus Mojo's staff boasts the equipment and expertise to lead classes on plate spinning, clowning, and acrobatics, among several other performance styles. In addition to holding workshops and summer camps at their studio space, they parade their comedic and aerial talents at special events, such as birthday parties and protest rallies against gravity. In keeping with Paul's vision of circus outreach—a goal that has earned the circus considerable press coverage—they travel to hospitals and incorporate residents into the act through the Mojo Medicine program. Paul also works with struggling youth from high schools and detention centers, striving to impart the sense of accomplishment and inspiration that stems from owning the spotlight.
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    326 Elm St
    Ludlow, KY US
  • Richmond Underground Gaming Center
    Within Richmond Underground Gaming Center's 9,000-square-foot facility, visitors can live out scenes from their favorite action movies while playing video games against other players on the same network or while battling during live laser-tag scenarios. Black lights bathe the laser-tag arena, setting a glow-in-the-dark stage on which participants play game styles such as capture-and-hold or search-for-stray-socks. Choruses of electronic beeps emerge from the barrel of four laser-gun types as players fire them from behind the cover of crates. A commanding officer oversees each game, provides players with intel on the enemy, and supplies terrain maps. Meanwhile, the 1,500-square-foot LAN area keeps the action confined to HD screens. Ten high-performance computers and multiple game consoles beckon players to grip controllers and duke it out in games such as Battlefield 3 or no-holds-barred spreadsheet creation.
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    292 S 2nd St
    Richmond, KY US

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