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  • Sundance Balloons
    Sundance Balloons' vibrant hot-air balloons float adventurous passengers over scenic landscapes. Each one-hour journey commences as sojourners greet their flight crew at a pre-determined location, receive a briefing on what to expect during the excursion, and observe their balloon as it swells to more than 10 stories in height. The woven gondolas glide 1,000 feet above the ground but can sometimes gently skim treetops or cornfields when wandering over the countryside. Since balloons drift with prevailing winds, there is no wind chill and travellers feel only a slight sensation of movement. As is tradition for ballooning, explorers of the appropriate age end their flight with a champagne toast to tranquility, beauty, and neighbourhoods that appear as giant smiley faces only visible from the air.
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    1275 Highbury Ave.
    London, ON CA
  • Rush Creek Wines
    As the sun rises over the winery's 57 acres of vineyard land, it illuminates a seemingly endless expanse of fruit. Surrounded by this fertile patch of farmland, Kim and Wendy Flintoft craft wines with estate-grown fruits?including tart rhubarb, rich elderberries, and luscious peaches?without using concentrates or artificial flavours. With these key ingredients, they aim to appeal to virtually all palates by fermenting potions with flavour profiles that range from bone-dry to as sweet as a kiss blown by a newborn kitten, and have been awarded best specialty wine by Lake Erie Living Magazine. The Flintofts let guests take in the complex magic of winemaking through tours that completely sever the bond between the words "wine" and "snob."
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    48995 Jamestown Line
    Aylmer, ON CA
  • Quai du Vin Estate Winery Ltd
    Back in 1970 when they planted their first vines, Redi and Roberto Quai might have never imagined their quaint winery would eventually produce more than 90,000 bottles in a single year. But more than a decade ago, the pair celebrated the sale of their millionth bottle, and production of great wines continues to grow. Situated upon one of the highest points in Elgin County, the winery's verdant grounds are home to a huge variety of grapes?all of which are processed, fermented, and transferred into barrels to age, on site. winemaker Jamie Quai's goals are simple: create great wines that are perfect for any situation, whether it's a seven-course dinner or a casual picnic. The result is a long roster of reds, whites, and fruit wines, ranging from Merlots to Rieslings.
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    45811 Fruit Ridge Line
    St Thomas, ON CA
  • Quai Du Vin Estate Winery
    In July of 2002, Quai Du Vin Estate Winery celebrated a monumental milestone. The Quai family and their team put the cork in their millionth bottle?a major milestone in a journey that started when the family first planted the vineyard back in 1970, when most people still thought grapes were just a myth. Not that they've slowed down since that celebration. The winery continues to produce more than 90,000 bottles each year, which includes a wide selection of whites, reds, and specialty wines. Additionally, Quai Du Vin Estate Winery is far more than a retail store. Winemaker Jamie Quai also gives tours of the grounds, and the winery hosts private events like weddings and public festivities including concerts.
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    45811 Fruit Ridge Line
    St. Thomas, ON CA
  • Skyward Balloons
    Through the 80s and early 90s Graham Rawlinson accumulated more than a decade of experience piloting jets, hot air balloons, and ultra lights. Knowing how moving soaring through the sky can be, he opened Skyward Balloons in 1993 to share the experience with others. Today, Graham leads a team of Transport Canada–approved commercial pilots that ferry guests into the sky in kaleidoscopically coloured balloons. Leisurely sky-floats take guests 500–3,500 feet in the air, cruising over cities and the countryside for scenic champagne tours. Sightseers revel in aerial views of yawning pastures as they soar along, waving to earthbound onlookers and comparing lakes and ponds to unassuming puddles as lush treetops appear small enough to use for cleaning one's ears. The crew can accommodate corporate and group outings and are also certified to train student pilots. Their fleet of 10-storey-tall balloons can even help companies and public communication programs get the word out through airborne advertising.
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    Skyward Balloons PO Box 291 - On Location
    Drumbo, ON CA
  • Cloud chasers Balloon Rides
    From 2,000 feet, buildings look like dollhouses and dollhouses look like microbes. Such is the view afforded by Cloud Chasers Balloon Rides. The fully licensed pilots take to the skies all year long, offering panoramic views of Stratford?including the Festival Theatre?as they propel hot air balloons on sunrise and sunset flights before gently returning to the ground. Flight times vary depending on weather conditions and clients' preferences, but outings typically include around one hour of air time. Upon landing, passengers can raise a celebratory glass of champagne and compare photographs.
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    7261 26 Line
    Staffa, ON CA

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