Restaurants in London

Despite its borrowed English name, London, Ontario, has a distinctly Canadian vibe. First off, it’s the home of Labatt Brewery, which brews one of the world’s best-selling Canadian beers. It’s also nicknamed the Forest City because of woodland location—not something most people associate with its namesake. Naturally, the best restaurants in London, Ontario, embrace all-things Canadian, including ingredients from nearby farms. These are some of those restaurants in London, Ontario.

Best Unexpected Franchise in London

Bite into a slice at Piero’s Pizza. Piero’s may be a franchise, but it operates like a local pizzeria. The quality of the food is consistently high, and the staffers are both fast and friendly. But don’t just take our word. Here’s what a few of our customers have to say:

“The pizzas were fantastic & the caesar salad was very good. The service was quick & no hassle using the coupon.” – Judy C.

“Polite staff and delicious pizza. Definitely will be back. You have my business, thank you!“ – Melanie N.

“Delicious. Fast. Friendly. Amazing deal for some of the best pizza in town.” – Seannie M.

“Great service. Fast, friendly, courteous. The pizza was the best we have ever had! Crust was just the right thickness and consistency. Toppings were plentiful, and they don’t count sauce and cheese as toppings like some other chains do. We has sausage, pepperoni, and bacon … truly great, we will be back.” – Suzanne C.


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Best Budget Restaurant in London View All

Tackle a giant pasta bowl at Spageddy Eddy’s. Hungry students, this pasta bar is for you. Enormous bowls of pasta—fettuccine carbonara, seafood fettuccine, and classic “Spageddy”—fill up even the hungriest diners. And they only cost $11.99 on average. Doggie bags are available for those who want to make two meals out of their bowl.

Best Fine-Dining Restaurant in London

Snag a table at David’s Bistro. When a fire forced David Chapman to renovate his popular European-style bistro, he thought it would be closed for a few short months. It was closed for seven. David’s customers were so antsy for the re-opening that when David cooked meals as a guest at Waldo’s on King Bistro, they flocked there on four separate evenings. The restaurant reopened in 2018, and it’s back to being one of the best in the city. Here’s what Londoners love to eat:

  • Pressed duck terrine with cherry chutney, crostini, and frisee
  • Pan roasted Nova Scotia scallops with parmesan creamed corn matchstick potatoes
  • Grilled filet mignon with red-wine jus mashed potatoes and olive-oil bernaise

Best Leisurely Meal in London


Enjoy a fancy tea at Wonderland Tea Room and Bake Shop. Visiting Wonderland Tea Room and Bake Shop for high tea is one of the most British things you can do in London, Ontario. The Alice in Wonderland–themed tea room serves a proper high tea complete with all the trappings, including:

  • Freshly baked scones with housemade preserves
  • Delicate finger sandwiches
  • British sausage rolls
  • Assorted pastries and tarts
  • A signature mini chocolate tea cup filled with flavored whipped cream
  • Pots of tea

Tea Spotlight: Dragon Well Tea, China's Most Famous Green

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Know Before You Go: Basic Tea Etiquette


  1. Don’t let your tea infuse for too long or it will turn bitter. Rooibos tea and pu-erh tea, however, are supposed to be infused until they are strong.
  2. Never add cream. It’s not coffee.
  3. Never add milk and lemon at the same time because the lemon will curdle the milk.
  4. Despite popular belief, correct finger posture is pinkies in, not out.

Best Brunch Spot in London

Photograph your meal at The Early Bird. When The Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here! visited The Early Bird, host John was there to try one thing: the Turducken Club. This version of the classic fowl creation (monstrosity?) piles smoked turkey breast, duck breast bacon, and fried chicken onto bread topped with maple mayo, tomato, and local greens.

The Early Bird is famous in Ontario for such Instagrammable novelties, as well as its decor. The vibe is part rock ’n’ roll, part horror house, complete with psycho clown posters, records stuck to acid purple accent walls, and a skeleton butler.

Best Greasy Spoon in London

Devour breakfast poutine at Campus Hifi. Yes, this is a popular hangout with the students—and not just the hungover ones—so there’s often a line out the door on weekend mornings. But if you visit on a weekday or if you head here on a summer weekend when school’s out, you’ll be able to easily slide into a seat. And you won’t regret it. This place wows with its breakfast poutines, eggs bennies, and breakfast potatoes. The portions are quite large, so come hungry.

Best Spot for Undecided Diners in London


Wander the stalls at Covent Garden Market. This downtown market welcomes more than 30 food vendors operating as both grocers and quick-stop restaurants. It’s great for diners who want to try a little bit of this and a little bit of that, perhaps the oxtail goat curry at The New Delhi Deli, the spinach-and-cheese bureks at Hot Oven, or the made-to-order salads at The Salad Bowl.

Best Spot for Dietary Restrictions in London


Eat confidently at Massey’s. Massey’s, regarded as one of the best Indian restaurants in town, has a menu that’s 90% gluten-free with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. It’s helmed by a chef who began his career at the five-star Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi. Chef Patson strongly believes in cooking each meat in its own gravy so sauces taste distinct. He also grinds and mixes spices every day to create his masalas and curries.

Know Before You Go: A Few Key Indian-Food Terms

  • Tandoori: a dish baked in a tandoor, or clay oven
  • Curry: a term applied to any dish created using a complex blend of spices and herbs and featuring a rich sauce and typically served with rice
  • Samosa: a fried turnover-type pastry usually stuffed with meat, vegetables, and/or spiced potatoes.
  • Naan: an Indian flatbread baked in a clay oven
  • Paneer: a type of cheese cut into cubes and used in curries

Indian Food for Beginners: A Menu Guide for First-Timers

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