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  • Harry Ten Shilling
    Harry Ten Shilling boasts a history as rich as its homemade desserts. The building's original identity was the Union Hotel, which served as a stopover for early pioneers. Later it would become a bootlegging operation, then an antique store, and then an art gallery. Finally, in 1977, the storied location transformed into Harry Ten Shilling Tea Room—a name that pays homage to William Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part II. During the play, characters reference a 10-shilling coin marked with the face of Henry III, who was also known as Harry. Harry Ten Shilling's traditional teatime experience bridges the gap between past and present. The café complements cups of chai and naturally flavored black tea with homemade finger sandwiches, jams, and signature scones. Cooks arrange the delicacies on fine china and supply all the proper tea fixings—milk, sugar, and splints for keeping pinkie fingers angled at precisely 45 degrees.
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    9 Huron Road
    Shakespeare, ON CA
  • The Prune Restaurant
    Chef Bryan Steele's dinner menu showcases a variety of contemporary French dishes carefully crafted with ingredients from local growers. During the restaurant's dining season, which takes place May through October, diners flock to The Prune Restaurant's scenic Garden Room to savour gourmet fare and views of the historic building's courtyard. Once diners have chosen their favoured menu items, the warm and professional staff lends informed advice to help them pair their dishes with wines from a sommelier-assembled list comprised of both local and international varietals. The Prune Restaurant also hosts a number of small group classes, where guests come to taste and learn about wines or join forces to create a multi-course meal after finally conquering the chef's complex scavenger hunt to find the ladle.
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    151 Albert St
    Stratford, ON CA
  • Union Burger
    In Union Burger kitchens, culinary crews grill fresh, never frozen 100% Canadian beef burgers and pour poutine gravy over hand-cut fries. The menu brings an eclectic, often gourmet edge to fast food with quarter-pound Angus-beef hot dogs and grilled-chicken sandwiches. Visitors can stack hearty burger patties with any combination of more than 20 toppings, or opt for signature creations such as the Bourbon Street burger, topped with whisky barbecue sauce and caramelized onions; the Philly Cheese burger, topped with roasted red peppers and grilled mushrooms; or the Great Canadian burger, topped with peameal back bacon and cheddar. Whatever the meal, a thick milkshake or a classic fountain drink washes it down in style.
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    63 Victoria St S
    Goderich, ON CA
  • Fireside Cafe
    Owners Philip and Darlene long harboured the desire to run a restaurant of their own throughout the years he spent driving a truck and she spent working for various food companies. In September of 2011, they discovered that the Fireside Cafe was for sale, and decided to check it out. The arched ceiling full of windows and the triple fireplaces immediately enchanted them before they'd even had a chance to sample the homemade schnitzels or attend one of the monthly live-music nights. The couple bought the restaurant, intent on continuing the legacies they inherited as they make the place their own by introducing their own favourite dishes to the menu and having their likenesses carved into the street outside.
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    86348 London Rd
    Wingham, ON CA
  • Dairy Queen
    On a warm August day in 1938, a father and son unveiled the first sample of what was to become Dairy Queen, selling 1,600 samples on the first day, a feat as unheard of as a dragon that breathes ice. Its ensuing prolific expansion was fueled by its frozen treats, which propelled the dessert shop from 100 stores in 1947 to 1,446 in 1950. Today, their dessert recipes remain largely unchanged, and Dairy Queen has added hearty grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken to its menu. Dairy Queen's enormous dessert menu boasts treats ranging from soft-serve cones and blizzards filled with cookies to takeaway ice-cream sandwiches and cakes.
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    190 Main St S
    Exeter, ON CA
  • Alexa's Cafe
    Inside the historic brick building that formerly held Dwyer's Roadhouse, Alexa's Cafe owners Alexandra Santos and Antonio Triguerro prepare Portuguese-inspired cuisine. Among their specialties are sizzling portuguese sausages served on flaming boats, burgers sculpted from locally raised buffalo, and sandwiches made with pork cutlets from De Wetering Hill Farms. Housemade desserts such as chocolate mousse or lemon-coconut pudding are another reason to visit.
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    188 Huron Road
    Sebringville, ON CA

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