Thai Massage in Massachusetts

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  • Charles River Dynamic Massage & Bodywork
    Ramon Rodriguez, the head of Charles River Dynamic Massage & Bodywork, is a licensed massage therapist. But one look at his work reveals that he's also something of a massage mixologist: He blends elements of styles such as Swedish, acupressure, and sports massage to create custom treatments for his clients. The resulting melange of message strokes can deliver a wide range of benefits, from helping patients recover from chronic pain to helping them restore full range of motion.
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    651 Boylston Street
    Boston, MA US
  • Enjoy Holistic Healing
    For licensed massage therapist Joy Clarkson, healing is more than just kneading away muscle knots. As a 13-year massage-therapy veteran, she's grown to incorporate meditation and sound into her practice at Enjoy Holistic Healing. Sessions may use gongs and Tibetan singing bowls, as well as her voice; this may include chanting, toning, or speaking the phone book very slowly. However, because she tailors these sessions to each individual, she may use as few or as many of these methods during massages, alongside lomilomi, reflexology, and other modalities.
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    470 Park Avenue
    Worcester, MA US
  • Skin Catering
    Personal touches matter at SkinCatering, so much so that the spa's aestheticians eschew pre-made products altogether in favor of products they create themselves. After performing a thorough skin analysis, they custom-make salves and balms using natural, organic ingredients such as fruit, cocoa, oatmeal, sea salt, and yogurt. They apply them during facials and exfoliating and moisturizing body treatments. The spa's massage therapists also tailor their approach to accommodate clients' individual needs and goals. This may mean combining massage modalities, although SkinCatering also specializes in medical massages—therapeutic kneadings that addresses chronic, pain-inducing conditions diagnosed by a physician or at the very least, someone who is really good at the board game Operation.
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    1500 Main Street, Box 15076
    Springfield, MA US
  • Lowell Massage
    Looking to try out a day spa? Lowell Therapeutic Massage in Lowell is a relaxing and comfortable spa for your first experience. Reduce stress and eliminate pain with one of the offered massages, such as Thai, hot stone, deep tissue, and Swedish. If alternative treatments are more your style, this spa has a range of options perfect for you, including physiotherapy. If you're craving a relaxing spa weekend, give Lowell Therapeutic Massage a call and start planning.
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    1252 Lawrence Street
    Lowell, MA US
  • Candis Corner
    Do you need a terrific nail job in a comfortable environment? Candis Corner has just the place for you in New Bedford. Treat your skin to a rejuvenating facial from this salon. Whether you need a massage for pleasure or stress relief, this salon has you covered. This beauty establishment offers a range of alternative remedies for you to try out. The salon services at this salon will have your nails painted, groomed, and looking amazing. This salon offers hair care for men, women and children of all ages. With a dazzling array of services offered, you won't know where to start. eyelash extensions are just a few of the services available. Everyone will be complimenting your nails after your appointment at Candis Corner.
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    2901 Acushnet Ave
    New Bedford, MA US
  • The Wellness Journey Studio
    The rustling of palm trees as tradewinds blow through them, the scent of saltwater carried in by rolling waves—nothing quite matches the carefree feel of a day on a beach in Hawaii, which is perhaps why The Wellness Journey Studio's owner Denise Baker-Bradley named her massage offerings after beaches on the tropical islands. But since she believes therapeutic massage therapy is not just for relaxation, these sessions have a therapeutic spin and can increase energy by lowering blood pressure. They can even improve sleep patterns better than keeping a closetful of sheep. During the Papohaku massage, for example, she rolls rods of bamboo over muscles to relieve deep-seated tension. For the celebrity facial massage sauna, she uses facial massage therapy techniques to reduce signs of aging. Before each stroke, she warms the massage oil, as clients stretch out beneath soft sheets and a soundtrack of beach sounds lulls them into a state of calm as deep as the ocean. The studio is located off Route 24 in Brockton.
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    50 Christy Drive
    Brockton, MA US