The residents of Boston take their massages seriously. There are plenty of locations where a good massage can be obtained, but for those looking for the best Boston massage, there are a couple of places that stand out from the rest in terms of quality and the variety of services offered.

Balanced Health on Chauncy St. is a good example of the type of quality operations offering massage therapy in Boston. Balanced Health offers specialized massages to residents that often complement medical care they may be undergoing. The therapists at Balanced Health are experts in the use of neuromuscular massage to relieve muscle spasms and myofascial massages to help with the relief of tension that may gather in the muscles throughout the body. Sports massages are also available, restoring movement in muscles and joints by targeting specific muscle groups through assisted stretching.

Moore Massage, located on Newbury St., focuses on medical massages that can help to manage chronic pain, increase flexibility and maintain good health. At Moore, the therapists create tailored massage programs for the individual therapeutic needs of each customer. Moore has a slew of awards attesting to the quality of the massages offered, with several Best of Boston accolades from the likes of Boston magazine.

Etant on Tremont St. provides a variety of massages given by highly qualified experts in a day spa setting. There's a massage to meet every need. The choices available include their popular Swedish full-body aromatherapy massage, which uses therapeutic oils to enhance the massage experience. Vigorous sports massages are also available, focusing on the muscle groups most likely to be used during the customer's sport of choice. For couples, there's a romantic duet massage, offering a shared Boston massage experience in a single room with two tables and two experienced massage therapists.

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