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Massage in Boston

Being the cradle of liberty for an entire nation is great and all, but it can also be pretty stressful. Thankfully there are plenty of Boston massage studios waiting to knead away aches and pains, whether they were brought on by work, school, or endless re-enactments of the battle of Bunker Hill. On this page, we go over many of the classic types of massage: Swedish, deep-tissue, hot-stone, couples, etc. etc., and also highlight a few local business that some say offer the best massage in Boston. Follow along, and you’ll be ready to book your Boston massage with confidence.

For General Relaxation, Go For Swedish Massage

If you’re wondering what type of massage to book, or if your Boston massage will be your first massage ever, Swedish massage is an excellent choice. Unlike deep-tissue or other specialized massages, which focus on specific areas of tension, Swedish massage aims to treat the whole body, using long, sweeping strokes to target the entire back and boost circulation. It’s also considered to be the most beginner friendly of all massage styles, as it’s focused more on alleviating generalized tension and promoting relation, rather than un-doing chronic pain.


Best Swedish Massage in Boston: Boston Wellness Massage

Don’t be intimidated when you see photos of owner Cindy walking on people’s backs: that’s just her signature Thai massage service (which customers rave about). But Cindy’s just as capable with relaxation-focused Swedish massage, altering pressure and rhythm to suit her customer’s needs, and often lulling them straight to sleep.

For Chronic Pain, Go Deep-Tissue

If you need a more intense massage, Boston has plenty of options for that too. But one of the most popular options is a deep-tissue massage, which uses more intense kneading techniques than Swedish to really get into the deeper levels of fascia. Additionally, it may help to restore range of motion in sore or stiff joints.


Best Deep-Tissue Massage in Boston: Boston Massage Studio

Boston Massage studio may be no-frills, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. It simply means that the therapists have eschewed the sterile, clinical setting for one that’s clean, cozy, and simple, preferring instead to focus all their energy into giving tailored, careful massages, and anticipating client needs by providing tea and snacks in the waiting room, or hair ties in the studio.

For a Soothing Massage, Try Hot Stones

A massage is already an indulgent treat, but sometimes you just want something… extra. Enter everyone’s favorite massage add-on: hot stones. Hot stones can be added to any classic massage style, such as Swedish or deep-tissue, delivering therapeutic heat to tight areas and also helping loosen tension so the therapist can tackle it with less effort.


Best Hot Stone Massage in Boston:

For hot stone massage in the Boston area, you can’t do better than Sea Spa in Medford. Check out some of the glowing reviews the business received from our customers:



  • The BEST massage I ever experienced! Very impressed and made another appointment in two weeks. I highly recommend Sea Spa. Nelson also used his physical therapy knowledge which helped relieve the pain in my back. Loved the hot towel treatment. - Loreen P.
  • I had a great experience at Sea Spa! The massage was really good and I would definitely recommend! I told my massage therapist I had knots in my upper shoulders and she really worked to get them out! - Maryam S.
  • They took me at the last minute and I had one of the best massages ever. I was having a lot of back pain and I felt much better after. - Angela G.



For Post-Workout Aches, Book a Sports Massage


The thing about finding the best massage in Boston is that it largely depends on who you are and how active your lifestyle is. And if you’re an athlete, you’re going to prefer a recovery-focused sports massage, which aims to alleviate aches brought on by repetitive motion, and may even help prevent injuries before they happen. Runners, swimmers, and weightlifters can all benefit from this type of massage, but it may also be a good choice if you perform a lot of physical tasks as part of your job.


Best Sports Massage in Boston: E-motion Sports Massage


Dancers, marathon runners, and bodybuilders are just a few of the types of people who regularly turn to E-motion Sports Massage for help with their aches and pains. The therapists here use a combination of deep-tissue and thai techniques to help rid the body of tension, and often teach clients specific stretching techniques that they can do at home to help aid in their recovery.


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Dogs Barking? Try a Foot Massage!


Your back might ache when you’re all on your feet all day, but what about your feet themselves? Turns out, neglecting your feet can have consequences throughout your body, which is why most foot massage therapists incorporate reflexology techniques into their treatment to try and bring about total-body wellness. How, exactly? Read our Guide to Reflexology to learn all about the ancient practice.


Best Foot Massage in Boston: Happy Feet Spa


Feet aren’t the only body parts that get pampered during a reflexology foot massage at Happy Feet spa: in addition to start the treatment off with a relaxing foot soak with Chinese herbs, the therapists also treat necks and shoulders to some therapeutic kneading. Oh, and did we mention to complimentary beverages and fresh fruit?

Need to Reconnect? Try a Couples Massage

Massages don’t need to be a solo activity: when you book a couples massage, you’ll enjoy the therapy while relaxing side-by-side with a loved one. This can be especially nice if you’re nervous about having to make small talk with your massage therapist, since you can have a conversation with your partner instead. Some couples massages even include complimentary extras like champagne and chocolates; but you don’t necessarily have to book one with a romantic partner. Couples massages can also be a great option for close friends, mothers and daughters, or anyone you feel comfortable with.


Best Couples Massage in Boston: Rainbow Health Center


Customers love the personalized attention and thoughtful extras that accompany the couples massages at Rainbow Health Center. Here’s what some of them had to say:



  • Great couples massage. The hot stones and towels were a nice surprise at the end. Overall wonderful experience! - Emily B.
  • I got the couples hot stone for my husband and I. Based on reviews alone I knew I had to try. This place is a hidden GEM. The staff was so welcoming offering a beverage right away. The rooms were pristine and relaxing. The massage was out of this world and we will be returning as monthly customers!!! - Jenna P.
  • Fantastic experience ....great massage in a calm and tranquil environment. We had the couples deep muscle massages after running a road race (half marathon) the day before decision ever!!! I am so relaxed and loose now..thank you! - Craig R.




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