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  • Shine Bright Window Cleaning
    The technicians at Shine Bright Window Cleaning see windows as the most beautiful part of any home, something akin to glittering jewels in a setting. As such, they strive to keep them shining, using a combination of tactics. Firstly, they put in the hard work of scraping and polishing inside and out. Second, they educate owners about how to maintain that shine for longer by using proper tools and products.
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    901 North Norman Avenue
    Moore, OK US
  • Scott Cleaners
    A local, family-owned staple for more than 45 years, Scott Cleaners employs friendly garment guardians that continuously commit themselves to professional, affordable services and tidy textiles. The cleaners are capable of de-peanutbuttering nearly any garment, whether it be a shirt ($4.75), blouse ($4.75), pair of slacks ($4), or fatigue pants ($4.30) and fatigue shirt ($2.79) needed for a paintball-themed wedding. In addition to clothing, the sanitary soldiers can defend the royalty of linens by supplying a thorough, kingdom-worthy primping to comforters and bedspreads of the queen-size ($23.57), king-size ($26.36), and duke of double-bed ($21.42) varieties. The knowledgeable staff at any location can provide same-day service.
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    1005 N Main St. # 1
    Newcastle, OK US
  • Shine On Cleaning Services
    Shine On Cleaning Services was born when a group of single mothers decided to band together under their shared love of residential tidiness and turn it into a thriving business. Owner Jenna Sewell brings more than 10 years of experience in the cleaning business to helm the hardworking crew, who scrub and sanitize every nook and cranny of their clients' homes, dusting furniture, vacuuming floors, and brushing the teeth of each bathroom comb. Aside from basic cleanings, the Shine On squad can also be prevailed upon to clean carpets, tile, and grout, and can even clear dirty cars upon request.
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    1100 48th Ave NE
    Norman, OK US
  • Swiss Cleaners and Laundry
    Since 1912, Swiss Cleaners has provided friendly, detailed service to sullied-sweater-clad Oklahomans yearning to breathe free of fabric-borne dust- and yuck-mites. Drop off your dirty duds at the time-honored storefront of your choice and let Swiss Cleaners' professionals clean up your traveling closet. While prices vary based on garment material and specific care requirements, customers can usually expect to have shirts laundered for around $1.95 and pants for around $5.10, with lather-free dry cleaning costing around $5.10 for shirts and pants and $10.55 for dresses, suits, and sleepy-eyed marsupials.
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    5940 NW 122nd St
    Oklahoma City, OK US
  • Deluxe Carpet & Duct Cleaning
    Whether you're resting in a mountain cabin, traveling through a city, or being vented out an airlock into outer space, dust is all around you. Microscopic particles—usually a combination of soil, pollen, skin cells, and minerals—can pile up quickly indoors. The problem is exacerbated by tiny creatures called dust mites, which gather in groups of 100 to 500 per gram of dust to devour flakes of human skin while multiplying in number, excreting waste, and probably chittering away. No matter where you are on Earth, a mote of dust is presently traveling straight toward your eye, thanks to the persistent creation of dust in almost any climate humans inhabit. Even beyond our planet, dust is ubiquitous: astronomers face the universe's untidiness every time they peer through a telescope and find formations of cosmic dust, which absorb the visible light around them. Although it comes from exploding stars rather than flaky humans, space dust isn't so different from the domestic variety: a 2007 paper published in IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science explored the similarities between the formation of dust bunnies under beds and the coagulation of space dust into planets.
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    2633 SW 59th Suite 4
    Oklahoma City, OK US
  • The Open Window, Inc.
    Folding up his ladder, Ricky Huffman steps back from the wall of windows he has spent the last hours scrubbing, craning his neck to search the panes for any lingering streaks or smudges. As always, Ricky’s rigorous attention to detail and meticulous cleaning techniques have prevailed, and the glass sparkles with nary a splotch. Since founding The Open Window, Inc. in 2000, he has completed each of his window-washing jobs himself, eschewing a crew of cleaners or animated washcloths for his own personalized scrubbing prowess. Along with his expert burnishing of reflective surfaces including windows, storm windows, and mirrors, Ricky also performs power-washing services that transform discolored concrete and wood areas into like-new visions of clean. Dedicated to maintaining homeowner privacy as he works, Ricky’s work ethic, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and friendly disposition have earned him a loyal following of regular clients.
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    2721 Southwest 112th Street
    Oklahoma City, OK US